Fullface vest/bib Leatt 3DF Engineering and Engineering Lite

Features of body Protector Leatt 3DF Engineering Lite

This waistcoat or fullface body is the improved version of its predecessors engineering Lite of 2015 and. The new model has been designed to offer a fine and light fit and continues to protect chest and back, in the vest version, and also protects elbows and shoulders, in the fullface Chest protector version.


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Like its previous models, Leatt remains true to the same 3DF impact foam. This foam is the same used in the 3DF engineering model of body protector. The Lite version has a soft and flexible construction but also protects your body by hardening immediately on impact.

It is tested and certified as impact protection by the EC and counts up to a total of 18 points in the Leatt protection system.

The adjustment to the body is perfect since the multi-layer impact foam is made from a sandwich-type accumulation (joining several layers of the same foam) that allows the movement between the layers, allowing a simpler bending and so So much better comfort and adaptation to the movements. In addition, it is compatible with neck pads and even offers additional upper chest protection for cyclists/riders who do not wear cervical protectors.

World Thallium, the distributor of Leatt for Spain, presents us the main features of the collection of protections of :


Technical features of the new vest and fullface body Leatt 3DF Engineering/

  • The difference between the model vest and the fullface Chest protector model is simply that the vest only protects the chest and the back and the fullface body is destined to those riders who seek a complete protection.
  • This vest has been manufactured in all areas of protection with 3DF technology; It is a vest with intelligent protection 3DF on the chest and back, in the case of the protective vest, and also shoulders and elbows in the case of the fullface vest.
  • This fullface body or waistcoat Compatible for use with cervical protection (cervical protection).
  • Removable protections for cleaning.
  • It incorporates the Braceon system.
  • All the fabric is MoistureCool: great moisture evacuation and quick drying.
  • It has a very high level of safety Homolación: CE homologated en1621 level .

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