New Kenny Titanium MTB protection Goggles

New Kenny Titanium MTB protection Goggles

KENNY TITANIUM Protection Goggles

The Kenny brand introduces us to its new model of Titanium cycling goggles with which the rider can perform the best workouts with the MTB bike, with the utmost comfort and protection. The new Kenny Titanium has been developed for use in the BMX Race and MTB (Enduro, freeride and DH/downhill) cyclist modalities. This new element that has released the brand Kenny, will provide the cyclist with a high level of visibility so that it can perform excellent training

The Kenny Titanium Protective gowill guarantee the biker a great safety in the area of the eyes in front of the wind, branches or stones that can splash him during his route with the bicycle. This model of Kenny brand goggle s has been manufactured using an anti-fog lens so that it will not fogging during workouts, giving the rider great comfort. The triple-density foam that incorporates the Kenny Titanium protection goggles will give the biker great comfort when it comes to training, as well as a perfect fit to the rider's head.

Features of KENNY TITANIUM Goggles

  • Protection element designed for the modalities of cycling of BMX Race and MTB (Enduro, freeride and DH/downhill/downhill).
  • Anti-fog lenses for great comfort.
  • Triple-density foam so that the rider can train with the maximum comfort.
  • Perfect fit of the goggles to the cyclist's face.
  • great visibility angle.

Expert opinion of Goggles KENNY

With the new Kenny Titanium Goggles The biker can go out to train with the bike having the best comfort and protection.

What do we know about the KENNY brand?

The famous French brand Kenny was created more than 30 years ago near Amiens. Kennyis engaged in the manufacture of cycling clothing for the most famous brands. Due to its diversification, it became Kenny EQUIPEMENT and offered a wide range of elements of MX, ATV and all kinds of bicycle products.

The Kenny brand has top quality materials for the manufacture of its sport wear-clothing, based on the winners of major events such as the Cyril Despres of the Dakar or Cedric Gracia in the modality of bicycles of mountain. It could be said that Kenny has become one of the current leaders in the manufacture of cycling and motocross clothing.

Kenny – all components, accessory and Kenny cycling equipment available in the CoreBicycle Searcher with offers.

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