IXS Cleaver MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE knee brace for freeride, Enduro and DH

IXS Cleaver MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE knee brace for freeride, Enduro and DH

Mountainbike IXS Cleaver for Enduro and DH

The IXS Cleaver is perfect for the most extreme MTB: Downhill, freerid e and Enduro. It is a very versatilegarment, with high protection and ventilation. Thanks to this, its use is lawful at any time of the year. They are also very comfortable and adapt to the equipment that the rider desires. They incorporate several support technologies that are vital for possible blows. It is worth mentioning its lightness, being one of the preferred ones by the runners in the competitions of mountain biking.

Features of the Shin IXS Cleaver

The NockOut system is the main one in charge of preventing the fall shred our shin. It is a padding in the most critical areas, especially the upper area and close to the kneecap. This type of filler prevents force from reaching the rider by effectively dissipating it. To complete your safety is added the Armadillo Duo, very absorbent full suspension density polypropylene panels placed on the sides. The nylon Skid layers have the function of making the Cleaver more robust . Finally, the integrated SIDETAP filler on the sides completes a really solid combination.

As for the adjustment of the IXS Cleaver brace we can only say goodness. Through the Squeezbox system , a knee-to-protection penetration is achieved. In this way, the comfort is elevated and a clean ride is achieved without obstacles. To consolidate the clamping, the LoopLock closures are used, which allow the bicycle to be modified on the pressure level on our leg.

On the other hand, the coating is made of breathable and resistant fabrics. The air mesh is key in this, by the fair use of the material is achieved to lower the weight and the entry of fresh air inside. Tip Silicone prevents movement when rolling.

Other data

  • weight: 550 grams/pair.
  • Complies with the standards en1621-1.
  • sizes: S, M, L, XL.
  • Colors: Black, black and white, black and green.

IXS Cleaver MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE knee brace for freeride, Enduro and DH / IXS

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