Elbow pads IXS Carve/Elbow pads IXS Carve EVO for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE

Elbow pads IXS Carve/Elbow pads IXS Carve EVO for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE

The prestigious Swiss brand IXS has brought to the market new model of elbow pads, the Carve. The elbow pads Carve is one of the best models that we can currently find in the market. With this element, the rider can go out to train with the bike in a totally safe way.

The elbow pads IXS Carve are a product that every cyclist should have among their cycling belongings as it will provide a greater comfort so that it can continue to prosper.

Characteristics of the elbow pads IXS Carve

The Carve elbow pads are the new model of cycling protection s that the IXS brand has brought out for sale. This innovative and essential element has an excellent ventilation with the aim of providing the rider with the best comfort during his racing with the mountain bike. The air mesh and VentMesh fabrics will help the rider to have a quick drying of the sweat and a good aeration of the arms.

The two X-Matter foam s with which this new model of elbow pads, increase the protection that the cyclist will receive during the trainings with the bicycle and avoid so that this one is harmed by the blows that it can receive. These foams will also help the rider have great comfort and freedom of movement when wearing them.

In order to prevent the elbows slipping or not being properly fixed on the pilot's arm, anti-skid silicone and a LoopLock adjustment systemhave been added.

In addition

The novel elbow pads IXS Carve are an essential element for any cyclist who wants to go out with the bike with total protection and having the utmost comfort.

Expert opinion

The new elbow pads IXS Carve are an excellent model of protections for the ell as they will provide the cyclist with the best safety during the outings with the mountain bike.

New Protection IXS Carve EVO for Mountainbike

The elbow pads IXS Carve EVO are a model without hard casing inside, to lighten the mount and increase the rider's comfort . To compensate for this loss, they include the Xmatterpadding, which has an excellent cushioning level. Therefore, we are in front of an ideal garment for the Enduro, the freerid e and the All Mountain, because it offers a wide mobility on the bike.

As if it were not enough, the Airmesh system achieves high breathability, even at low speed, thereby evaporating the moisture generated by the effort. In short, an effective protection that adds high quality touches as we are accustomed to the Swiss brand and a good fit.

What do we know about the IXS brand?

IXS is a Swiss brand created in 1976 that began designing and developing equipment for motorists. Little by little it was entering the world of the two wheels and today we will find it in more than fifty countries. In the last ten years, IXS has become a leading brand in terms of protections for the Mountain Bikemodality.

The IXS brand, is well known for paying extremely attention to the details of the finishes of its products. These are the details that often make a difference. The mission of IXS is to find the ideal compromise between protection and style, and its products use the best technologies to be able to provide the cyclist with the best comfort and protection.

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