Shin pad G-Form Pro-X

Shin pad G-Form Pro-X

The G-form Pro-X is the latest model of shin pad for mountain biking that the G-form brand has brought to the market. These G-Form protections are the best option that all cyclist s must have between their cycling belongings as it guarantees great safety when riding the bike. In addition, all G-Form Productshave an excellent manufacturing quality that will provide the rider with maximum protection in case of falls or impacts.

The Shin G-Form Pro-X is made of high quality materials in order that these protections have maximum durability and endurance and that the rider has the maximum safety riding with his MTB bicycle.

Shin guard G-Form Pro-X Features

The new Shin G-Form Pro-X, are a model of protections for cycling that have been elaborated with the intention of increasing the quality and comfort of the cyclist. The G-Form Pro-X has a light and flexible design and fits perfectly to the shin of the leg. In addition, this new G-form branded Shin protection model has been manufactured using the G-form RPT protection technology that is characterized by its hardening when impacted or hit. This innovative technology that incorporates this model of shin, absorbs up to 94% of the force of the blow.

The Shin protection G-Form Pro-X has a great breath ability and has been developed to be machine washed. In addition, this model of protections for cycling allows maximum mobility.

In addition

The G-Form Pro-X is the best model of the shin protection system that any rider should have in order to be always well protected. In addition the G-Form Pro-X has a perfect adjustment system that will make these protections do not move from the shin and prevent this can be a discomfort for the rider.

Expert opinion

The new model of Shin G-Form Pro-X is one of the best models of cycling protection for which we can find in the market today. With them, the rider will always be protected from the impacts he can receive and with the utmost comfort.

What do we know about the G-Form brand?

G-Form is an American brand that was created by athletes who thought it appropriate to use the novel technology of Polyurethane in order to revolutionize the protection against impacts and vibration damp ing and that are So, safer. In addition, the creators of G-Form are people with a great experience in different sports and in the manufacture of polyurethane, 3d mould design, innovation, entrepreneurship and the application of new projects.

This American brand, elaborates its products having as essential reference, the point of view of the athletes with the intention of having some products that guarantee a high protection of the athlete, using as main material of manufacture the Polyurethane and others that allow to perform also some finishes of the extraordinary products.

G-Form, has a wide portfolio of protection-based products for sports such as skateboarding, snow sports, football and cycling. Within the protections we can find T-shirts, trousers, shin, knee pads and shin for the different named sports. In addition, G-Form has excellent value for money.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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