Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O/D30 Knee Pads 2018 - Red / Black

Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O/D30 Knee Pads 2018 - Red / Black

Knee pads Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O/D30 2018

Fox (famous brand of protections for the world of MTB and MX) are reinvented in its edition of 2017 of the pads Launch Pro as they add to their internal protection of foams technology D3O, which hardened with impact, an outer chainring (which was It can put and remove according to situation and rider's liking) which reinforces the protection against blows/impacts.

  • Made with hypo allergenic Ariaprene neoprene fabric with microperforations that will increase ventilation.
  • Very ergonomic design to guarantee the pedalling and increase the comfort on the bike.
  • It has teijdo extra breathable reinforcement.
  • Removable hardtail knee protection that reduces hooking.
  • D3O technology with CE certificate for impact protection.
  • Available in black and red color and in sizes S, M, L.

Pads Fox Racing Launch Enduro Pro

Fox Racing presents its two new versions of the pads Launch Enduro Pro: The pads launch Enduro Pro and the pads-shin launch Enduro Pro.

The new knee pads Fox Racing launch Enduro Pro are a model very similar to its predecessor launch Enduro. These knee pads are a very light and ergonomic model that will provide the rider with the best comfort during his mountain bike routes. The Fox Racing Launch Enduro Pro Brace s are a model that covers only the knee part.

Features of the Fox Racing Launch Enduro Pro Pads

The Launch Enduro Pro Braces have a knee reinforcement, which is resistant to the abrasion of the terrain and has been perforated in order to increase comfort and breathability.

The new knee pads Launch Pro, have an ergonomic fit for the rider to have an element that provides the maximum protection.

Knee Pads-Shin Fox Racing Launch Enduro Pro

The pads-Shin Fox Racing Launch Enduro Pro, have gone one step ahead. This model of knee brace, also covers the function of Shin. As a result, the cyclist will have knee pads and shin in a single product and at a better purchase price.

Features of the pads-shin Fox Racing Launch Enduro Pro

The new knee-Shin, have incorporated some reinforcements in the part of the knees and pimples made by material Kevlar with the aim of achieving an elastic element so that the rider has Freedom of movement at the time of pedaling and, at the same time, to be resistant to the terrain. This property will cause the rider to have greater protection and that the pads enjoy greater durability.

The new pads-Shin Launch Enduro Profeature a hidden zipper pocket, an ergonomic fit for greater rider comfort and enveloping latches. Thanks to the perforated Neoprene, the shin-knee pads will have a greater breathability.

What do we know about the Fox Racing brand?

Fox Head Inc is a Californian company created by Geoff Fox in 1974. In its beginnings, Fox was a distribution brand of small pieces of motocross.

Two years later, what initially was Moto-X Fox, already developed components of the suspension and the motor of high performance. In 1977, determined to show that their products were better than those of the competition, he created a professional privately owned motocross team, the Moto-X Fox team. During the races, the clothes the runners wore, which was hand-crafted by FOX, became a total success. This stir, provoked that amateurs and enthusiasts interested themselves on the availability of those motocross suits. In the following years, Fox was reorganized to enter the industry of American motocross apparel .

currently, the Fox brand has become one of the internationally leading brands of clothing manufacturing converted into a youthful lifestyle thanks also to its Fox Headlogo.

In the product portfolio of the Fox brand we can observe

  • Clothes
  • Goggles Protection
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Protections
  • Backpacks
  • Parts

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Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O/D30 Knee Pads 2018 - Red / Black / Fox Racing

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