Vest, jacket, bicycle/bikes chest protector Dainese Manis

Vest, jacket, bicycle/bikes chest protector Dainese Manis

Dainese presents its new line of protective elements manis. These protections include manis performance protective armor, manis performance jacket with protection, Gilet manis SH 11, 12 and Gilet manis 13 protective vest. With these protections made by the brand Dainese, the rider will have the best security to be able to go out to train with total freedom.

Protective Armor Manis PERFORMANCE S/Arm warmers

The new body protector manis Performance, is a protective element that every cyclist should have among their cycling belongings as it will guarantee maximum safety and great comfort.

Dainese Manis Performance Armor Features

The manis PerformanceArmor has been elaborated using an elastic mesh which will provide you with better comfort, which incorporates some protections in the shoulder area. In the chest part, a Central zipper has been included to facilitate the placement of the manis Performancejacket. The chainrings placed on the chest, have been made with polypropylene and shock absorbing material Absorb. Thanks to these protections that this jacket with protection of the brand Dainesehas, the rider will have the maximum protection in case of an accident.

The Manis Performance armature incorporates a high level of ergonomics, which means that it will perfectly adapt to the cyclist's body in order to increase its protection.

Jacket with protection Manis PERFORMANCE w/Arm warmers

The new protective Manis performance jacket has the same characteristics as the detailed Manis performance above, with the only difference that the latter is a sleeveless model.

Protective vest GILET Manis SH 11

The new protective vest Gilet Manis SH 11 is one of the best elements that we can find in the market because it will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort and safety during his training with the bicycle.

This protective vest has characteristics very similar to the Manis Performance armor.

Protective vest GILET Manis SH 12

The only apparent difference with the Gilet manis SH 11 Protective Vest is that the model 12 has a slightly higher level of protection and comfort.

Protective vest GILET Manis 13

This new protective vest Gilet Manis 13, is the most complete model of the range Manis. The Gilet Manis 13, also has an excellent protection so that the rider can perform the best workouts, with a breathable and durable grid because it is resistant to possible tears caused by falls . The padding that incorporates this vest, will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort during the outings with the bicycle.

The front zipper will contribute to an easier and faster donning of the vest. The waist incorporates an elastic silicone band.

What do we know about the Dainese brand?

Dainese is an Italian company created in 1972 at the hands of the young cyclist and businessman Lino Dainese. To make his protective clothing pieces, Dainese was inspired by the geometry of the medieval armor of the natural world. According to Dainese, the security concept is based on protection, comfort and reliability. The technicians of D-TEC, transmit express the extreme experiences of career to a collection where the riders will find the product that more than adapts to their necessities. Thanks to the use of the best technologies and the Most innovative materials, Dainesehas the best products and that provide the rider with the best comfort during his outings with the bicycle.

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