Dainese Hybrid for MTB elbow pads

Dainese Hybrid for MTB elbow pads
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Dainese Hybrid Elbow Protection MTB for DH and Enduro

The Dainese Hybrid 2017 elbow pads are the ideal choice for mountain bikers of demanding modalities such as downhill, freeride, Enduro and All mountain. They are notable for the use of state-of-the-art materials to achieve a light and flexibletexture. Thus, a great adjustment is achieved with the elbow and it is increased the comfort of the rider when riding the bicycle.

For the manufacture of the Dainese Hybrid elbow pads, different types of fabric are combined in 4 directions. In this way, a greater range of motion is achieved without the rider's safety being compromised. The most compromised areas of the garment have been studied in depth, in order to achieve a suitable density for each one of them. In places where most of the impact strength is received it has been reinforced with foam Crash Absorb, which acts by dissipating the energy and reducing possible injuries.

Pro Shape Protection System

It is a sturdy casing containing viscoelastic foam inside. It has 20% more performance compared to other MTB models and stands out for its cushioning capacity in the face of a possible fall with the bike. They have memory of the form adopted.

The design of this protection is very functional. Starting with its clamping system we see that they incorporate silicone at the ends to prevent the elbows from moving from their initial position. Complete the adjustment a Velcro strap system.

Besides, its fabric is very breathable; Getting a remarkable evacuation of body heat and rapid drying. more interest is devoted to the back of the elbow pads as it does not receive as much air as the front, with a finer and open weave.


Data Elbows MTB Dainese Hybrid

  • sizes: S, M, L, XL.
  • colors: Black with red mark logo.
  • Excellent degree of flexibility.
  • Weight: consult with manufacturer.


Dainese Hybrid for MTB elbow pads / Dainese

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