Dainese Hybrid MTB Knee pads for downhill and Enduro

Dainese Hybrid MTB Knee pads for downhill and Enduro

Dainese Hybrid Knee Protection MTB for Enduro and DH/downhill

The Dainese Hybrid 2017 is perfect for the riders of daring MTB disciplines such as Downhill and Enduro. They are characterized by excellent protection while allowing a high range of movement to the knee. This is thanks to the use of innovative mixtures of materials, which clearly improve the comfort on the bike.

expert opinion: very safe knee pads that have elastic properties to improve synchronization with the cyclist's leg. They are available at an affordable price with high quality acbados.

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In the security issue, we highlight the Pro Shape protection system. Its composition contains viscoelastic foam inside, which in case of fall dissipates the force of impact. In addition, this type of foam has memory of the form adopted for greater comfort. As for the rest of the structure is used the rubber Crash Absorb, which acts safely and reduces the chances of injury. The sides is the place where more attention has been paid and they are filled with consistency to decrease the exposure

In addition, the outer fabric of the Dainese Hybrid braces is made in 4 directions. This increases the flexibility of the garment when riding a bike and also decreases the total weight. It is a very breathable protection; It incorporates a thin and soft compound in the back, because it is where less air receives when rolling.

Finally, their grip on the body does not disappoint and hardly move in motion. In addition to this, a Velcro strap system incorporates silicone on the tips.

Data Pads Dainese Hybrid

  • sizes: S, M, L, XL.
  • Color: Black with red mark logo.
  • Weight: consult with manufacturer.
  • Garment with memory and with uneven density according to area.

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