Top Ten protective shorts/Culera/Short protections

The cycling shorts of MTB (enduro, downhill and freeride) best valued

In this section we show you a small compilation of the four cycling shorts for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE modalities that are having the best ratings for cyclists during this.

MTB Shorts with protection bluegrass WOLVERINE


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The Bluegrass brand brings us now its new model of protective inner shorts designed specifically to provide the rider with maximum safety during his training with the bike of enduro or downhill. The Wolverine Bluegrass Cycling shoes will also provide you with the maximum comfort during your pedaling so that the rider will be able to train with the best of himself.

The main structure made with LYCRA will guarantee the cyclist a great flexibility and freedom of movement. Having made the elastic waistPart, the rider will have a high level of grip and comfort. In addition, the fabric of these bluegrass brand protection shorts has been devised to provide the biker with a very good moisture management. The inner EVA rubber Pads will keep the rider well protected and safe and so they will fit perfectly to your body.

The full suspension-thickness pad featuring the Bluegrass Wolverine protection shorts will ensure the rider the best comfort during long-term workouts. In the thigh area, these protective cycling shorts incorporate non-slip silicone bands at thigh height.

Features jeans Wolverines protective shorts
  • EVA Rubberinterior pads.
  • Full suspension-thickness pad for long-term workouts.
  • Elastic waist area.
  • anti-skid siliconebands.
  • Great freedom of movement.


The G-Form brand brings us its new model of protective shorts Pro-X. The G-Form Pro-X, are a key element that every rider should have among his biking as these shorts have a high level of protection for the Riders Enduro and Downhill. Being flexible, the Pro-X will adapt perfectly to the rider's body, so that it has a great freedom of movement during the pedaling.

The G-Form Pro-X protection shorts are equipped with RPT technology, which will increase rider safety in the face of impacts that occur during pedalling.  These MTB shorts have great comfort and flexibility so that the rider can perform the best workouts.

The G-Form Pro-X MTB shorts have been made with breathable materials that will increase the rider's comfort. They also have an excellent compressor fit.

Features Shorts G-Form Pro-X
  • Specially designed for use in downhill and Enduro.
  • High level of breathability.
  • Good compression setting.
  • Use of RPT technology which will harden upon receiving blows, in order to increase rider safety.
  • Perfect adaptation to the body.
  • Great freedom of flexibility and freedom of movement.

Protective Shorts 7 IDP FLEX

The new model of 7 IDP Flex Protection Shorts are a very important element when going out to train with the Enduro bike as they will guarantee the rider the best comfort during the workouts.

The IDP Flex shortshave protective pads located on the outside of the culottes. These small patented foam protections can be dismantled individually when the rider does not need them for training. On the bottom of the ass, we find foam the function of which is the maximum security of the coccyx.

The Flex protective shorts, combine poly/Spandex and an elastic mesh that will be in charge of offering the cyclist the best aeration during the training with the bicycle.

Features Shorts 7 IDP Flex
  • Combination of poly/Spandex and elastic mesh for the best ventilation of the rider's body.
  • Elastic Waist.
  • Protection in the area of the coccyx.
  • Removable side panels.
  • Removable foam polygonal pads .

Protective shorts TROY LEE designs 7605

The new 7605 is the latest model of protective shorts that has launched the brand Troy Lee designs. The Shorts 7605 will give the rider maximum comfort during workouts, as well as maintaining his safety. The high quality of the materials used during their manufacture will make it the best option to purchase for the rider to have the best protection.

The TLD 7605 shorts have been made with LYCRA for good compression, and has antimicrobial and high breathability treatment .  These shorts feature flat seams which will give the rider maximum comfort.

The new 7605 protection shorts feature the Shock Doctor technology which will perfectly fit the body, offering the rider maximum comfort and at the same time will keep it protected. The thigh part incorporates the protections on the outside, with the aim of increasing their protection.

Features shorts Troy Lee designs 7605
  • Use of Shock Doctor technology to achieve maximum protection.
  • High breathability.
  • Made using Lycra fabric.
  • Antimicrobial treatment.
  • flat seams.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.