Top Ten Chest protector, jacket, vest, body armour, back protector sold at

Top Ten Chest protector, jacket, vest, body armour, back protector sold at

Top ten protections (T-shirt/bib/protective vest/trellis/armour) for best-selling MTB/Enduro/Descent/freeride -

In this section you will find the ten cycling protective vests for the most sold MTB/BTT models during this.

Protective Vest POC Spine VPD 2.0 Vest

The new model of protection vest that presents us the brand POC is the best option of purchase for the most daring riders who practice the modalities of cycling of enduro and descent. The Spine VPD 2.0 Vest has been elaborated with the best materials and of the highest quality in order to obtain an element that keeps the cyclist highly protected during the trainings with the bicycle. In addition, this POC-brand vest guarantees maximum comfort during pedaling.

The POC Spine VPD 2.0 Vest Protective vest features a wide flexible mesh for cyclist comfort. The waist area is removable and has two wide size options in order to find the one that best fits your body and so the rider has the maximum comfort. The protections VPD 2.0 with this vest will guarantee the biker the maximum safety during the pedaling, in addition to maintaining their comfort. To increase your safety, you have included a back protector which is removable.

Features of the Poc Spine VPD 2.0 Vest Protective Vest
  • Flexible and wide mesh that will give you a great comfort of the cyclist.
  • It has a detachable back protector.
  • It has two wide options to get the one that best fits the body of the rider and that it has the best comfort.
  • Removable waist area.
  • Use of VPD 2.0 protection s for maximum safety during pedaling.

Protective vest TROY LEE designs 7855

The new model of 7855 protective vest that has released the prestigious cyclist brand Troy Lee Designs is a key element when going out to train with the mountain bike. The TLD 7855, is a turning point in the modalities of BMX Race, as well as downhill MTB as it will provide the rider with maximum safety and protection. The Troy Lee designs 7855 Vest has Doctor Shock technology, ie ornas lightweight but at the same time rigid Bales, which will guarantee the rider maximum protection as they will harden upon receiving an impact.

The new 7855 vest that has launched to the market Troy Lee Designs has compatibility with the main collar protectors. In order to find the ideal element, this prestigious brand, has incorporated in this protector protective inner breathable panels to provide the cyclist with the best ventilation. The neck area has been designed in a wide way so that the rider has the utmost comfort.

Also, an anatomical design of the vest has been made so that it adapts perfectly to the body of the cyclist and also providing a high level of protection.

Characteristics of the vest Troy Lee designs 7855
  • Use of technology Shock Doctor.
  • It has compatibility with the best neck protectors.
  • Wide neck design to get the most comfort.
  • Internal panels for best ventilation.
  • Anatomical design to adapt to the body of the rider offering the maximum protection.

Protection Vest GRIZZLY Bluegrass

Bluegrass does not bring one of the best protective vests that we can currently find among their product portfolio. The guard Bluegrass has been designed thinking of the riders who enjoy during the practice of the most risky cycling modalities such as Enduro or descent. The Grizzly vest is a high-end element that will provide the rider with the best comfort and protection.

The new Grizzly bluegrass features a detachable dorsal protection that will keep you safe during workouts. The zippers we found are in order to extract this dorsal protection. In addition, in the chest area we find high density foam the function of which will be to keep the entire torso area safe. The Bluegrass brand Grizzly has been elaborated using highly breathable fabric to guarantee the cyclist the best comfort. In the waist area, this bluegrass-branded vest has been fitted with a large zipper. This vest model is compatible with most protective collars.

Features of the Grizzly Bluegrass protection Vest
  • High-end element that will provide maximum security.
  • Removable dorsal protection.
  • Excellent ventilation system.
  • Oversized closure at waist.
  • Compatible with protective collars.

Bluegrass TUATARA B & S Protection Vest

The Tuatara B & S D30 Bluegrass Vest is a high-end element that will provide the rider with the utmost comfort during training with the bike. The new Tuatara B & S has been made with high quality materials that will guarantee the cyclist the best protection.

The Bluegrass Tuatara B & S Protective Vest features high quality D30 Light foam in the back and shoulders area, so the rider will be guaranteed the best safety and comfort. This foam will give you great comfort because during the normal pedaling it will be flexible and comfortable, but in case of an accident it will harden absorbing the energy of the impact. Also, in the chest we find an additional protection of high density EVA foam. In the area of the ass we find a detachable piece that will keep the coccyx well protected.


The high level of breathability will help the rider to have the best temperature and thus increase its performance.

Features of the Bluegrass Tuatara B & S Protection Vest
  • D30 Light foam on back and shoulders that will harden upon receiving a blow.
  • High level of breathability for the rider to have the best comfort.
  • Side pockets.
  • Removable part that protects the coccyx.
  • EVA foam protection on the chest.
  • Silicone grips.

Protective breastplate LEATT AIRFIT LITE

Leatt presents us his new model of protective vest Airfit Lite which has a high level of protection to keep the rider safe during the pedaling, regardless of the time it is on the bike. The 3DF foam with which it counts, has a great capacity of absorption of impacts so that the rider has the maximum security. It also has a great lightness so that the cyclist has the best comfort.

The new Leatt protective vest has an adjustment system based on a pectoral band that will keep the protections fixed to protect the rider to the maximum. The zipper with which it counts will contribute to the best evaporation of the heat in order that the rider has the maximum comfort and can give more.

The Leatt Airfit Lite is designed to fit the rider's body perfectly and keep it better protected.

Features of protective breastplate Leatt Airfit Lite
  • perfect adaptation to the body of the rider.
  • Use of 3DF foam that will take care of absorbing the impacts in case of accident.
  • Chest strap that will keep the protections fixed to optimize the protection that the rider provides.
  • Good ventilation system.


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