Fullface helmet Catlike Forza 2.0 - detachable chin

Fullface helmet Catlike Forza 2.0 - detachable chin

Full-face / full face helmet Catlike Forza 2.0 for Downhill with removable chin

The new Catlike Forza 2.0 integral helmet presented by the Spanish brand aims to revolutionize the world of MTB. With a high level of absorption and rigidity its use is indicated in demanding modalities like Enduro and DH. It is ideal for long and demanding workouts and competition, as it improves rider comfort. His biggest argument lies in the fact that his chin part is removable. In this way, it allows you to take it out when you need to face climbs with your bicycle or areas without danger.

Entering the design of this protection we can highlight its beautiful and clean aesthetic, with refreshing colors. The exterior paint layer is better than many models, thus increasing durability.

Oval ventilation system

Catlike has created for this full face helmet an effective system in improving the breathability of the head. These are openings with an oval shape in the front and back. Their placement unifies them; Creating a constant airflow that cools the area. Therefore, the Forza improves the circulation even at speeds abnormally reduced in MTB.

As we say, the front part protection/chin is removable. In addition, thanks to the new technology Triangle Security System can be put and remove immediately. It is a small button at the intersection below the ears that easily releases it.

The manufacture of robust and sturdy materials makes the Catlike Forza 2.0 helmet one of the safest in the mountain bike market. Its structure is very solid and protects the rider against the most dangerous situations. In addition, the internal padding with Thermy-Tex pads obtains a good fixation, absorption of the impacts and eliminates annoyances generated by the increase of heat.

As for the head restraint of the rider uses a BOA closure (like the one of the slippers) in the occipital part. Its use improves the precision of the adjustment and at the same time an easier reach and drive on the bicycle. To perfect, filaments are used along the surface to avoid pressure points.

Further details for Catlike Forza 2.0

  • Weight: 360gr - size M / 390gr - size L.
  • Colors: black, blue and orange, red and white, black, white and green...

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. Is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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