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Bluegrass is a brand with much renown worldwide that presents us for the new elbow Wapiti. This model of protection is perfect for the practice of MTB cycling in modalities like Enduro, where you need to be well equipped to reduce the risk of damage in the event of an accident. In addition, the new bluegrass Wapiti are manufactured with the best materials and the highest quality in order to provide maximum protection and comfort to the rider.

The new Bluegrass Wapiti, are the ideal element to take when going out to train with the MTB bike.

The Bluegrass Wapiti elbow pads have been developed by using the HDPE + TPU compound with asymmetric pads that will provide the biker with maximum comfort. A point in favor of these protective elbow pads, is the Vaportech Light ventilation system that will help the rider have the maximum comfort.

The adjustment system of these elbow pads is made by means of two velcro strips along with non-slip silicone inserts, preventing them from moving during training and causing inconvenience to the biker.

Features Elbow pads Bluegrass Wapiti

  • Made with HDPE + TPU compound
  • Air Mesh Fabric.
  • Fastening system with Velcro straps.
  • Silicone Insert s to prevent the elbows from moving.

Elbow Pads Bluegrass Wapiti D3O

Bluegrass also presents a new version of the Wapiti elbow pads, in which as a novelty has been incorporated inserts of D3O material made with intelligent material. These inserts of D3O, consist of some soft pads that when receiving an impact produced by an accident, they harden, thus absorbing much of the energy of the impact; In this way the cyclist will receive the least possible pain. The new Wapiti bluegrass pads are coated with Kevlar material, which will help prevent scratches.

The bluegrass Wapiti D3O, have a micro-adjustment system because at the bottom of the pad we find a microbelt that will guarantee the rider a very precise adjustment.

What do we know about the Bluegrass brand?

Bluegrass is an Italian brand that is basically dedicated to the manufacture of protections and clothing for the world of cycling. Rémy Absalon, Jérôme Clementz, Shaun O'Connor, Shanaze Reade, are some of the people in charge of elaborating the bluegrass helmets . Their starting point is found in the demands of each one. These protections are a basic element when going out with the bike, either performing Enduro, downhill or BMX.

The Bluegrass Products will guarantee the rider an excellent protection when it comes to training with the mountain bike so that the rider can enjoy it more and with a higher performance. The Bluegrass Helmet s will guarantee youbetter protection to the rider and also keep your head fresh in order to make it more comfortable.

All Bluegrass Products are tested by the Factory Development team.

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* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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