Shirt, MTB Jacket protection Bliss ARG

Shirt, MTB Jacket protection Bliss ARG

Bliss introduces us to the new body Protection Model it has brought to the market. The innovative protective vests Bliss will guarantee the rider the best comfort and protection during their outings with the mountain bike. With these body protections, the rider will have the maximum security when going out to train with the bicycle. Thanks to the pads It incorporates, the cyclist can train completely free and having great comfort, which will ensure the best protection in case of a fall.


The Bliss Arg Comp LD TopProtective Vest is an essential element when you go out and train with the mountain bike. With this body protection, the cyclist will have the maximum protection when it comes to going out with the bicycle, in addition to guaranteeing the best comfort and freedom of movement.

Thanks to the high level of lightness that the Bliss Arg Comp LD Top Vest has, the rider will have great comfort. The Comp LD Top, located on the chest, shoulder, elbow, spine and coccyx, will provide the rider with a great level of protection so that he can train freely. The Arg pads, in case of impact, become rigid, with the aim of dampening the blow, absorbing and dissipating 80% of the energy of the blow.

On the side, we find a zipper to facilitate its placement to the rider.

Materials: 57% Polyester, 35% TPE and 8% Elastan.


The Bliss Arg Comp LD TNK Top Protective vest can be used in combination with the ARG Vertical or arg Minimalist elbow pads or separately. Bliss Brand new Arg Comp LD TNK Top Protective Vest will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort during their outings with the bike. Thanks to the Arg pads that will dampen 80% of the impact in case of fall, the rider has the utmost comfort and protection.

Materials: 60% Polyester, 30% TPE and 10% elastane.


The new model of Bliss Arg Vertical LD Top Protection Vest will guarantee the rider the best protection, in addition to providing a great freedom of movement so that the cyclist can train in the best way. With this protective vest The rider can go out to train with the best comfort.

Materials: 65% Polyester, 30% TPE and 5% elastane.


The new model of Peto protector Bliss Arg Vertical LD Day Top, has different body pads that will help the rider have the best protection during their outings with the bike; In case of fall, these pads Arg, Harden thus absorbing much of the impact and that the rider suffers the minimum possible.

This model incorporates some ideal side pockets for storing the beverage or mobile phone. Its large property of fast drying of sweat, will help the rider to be able to train in a more comfortable way.

What do we know about the Bliss brand?

Bliss Protection is a brand of German origin that was created in the year 2006 by Matthias Ascherl due to the disapproval of the corporal protections that were on the market. Bliss Protection has a wide portfolio of products based on cycling and snowboarding. Although Bliss is a relatively young cycling brand, it is worth highlighting the large number of products it has.

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