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The new Bliss Basic Knee Brace s are the latest model of knee protections that the German brand Blisshas been released for sale. With the Basic braces, the rider will have in his hands the best and essential tool when it comes to go out with the mountain bike. With these Blissbrand Knee pads, the rider will not have to worry about safety during their workouts.

The Bliss Basic brace s are a flexible model because they have been designed with an ergonomic design to perfectly fit the rider 's body with the best comfort. The Bliss Basic brace s are optimally adjustable. In order to keep the rider well protected, on the part of the joint, it has an additional reinforcement that will make the rider feel well protected during the workouts.

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Thanks to the thermo plastic protection s that incorporate the Bliss BasicKnee Pads, the cyclist will have the best protection because when suffering a fall, these pads are hardened to dampen the energy produced by the impact.

Bliss Basic Knee Brace features

  • Ergonomic design that will make you fit perfectly to the rider's legs and also provide you with the best comfort.
  • Thermoplastic protections that will guarantee the rider the best safety as they absorb the force of the blow.
  • Fit using a velcro band that will keep the pads securely attached to the rider's legs.


  • 50% Gummi
  • 20% EVA
  • 10% Polyester
  • 10% TPS
  • 10% Nylon

In addition

The Bliss Basic is the best model of cycling protection s for the knees as it will keep the rider protected.

Expert opinion

The new Bliss Basic knee brace s have ergonomic properties to guarantee the cyclist the best comfort and protection during their mountain bike workouts.

What do we know about the Bliss brand?

Bliss Protection is a brand of German origin that was created in the year 2006. Bliss Protection has a wide portfolio of products based on cycling and snowboarding. Although Bliss is a relatively young cycling brand, it is worth highlighting the large number of products it has.

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