Knee Pads 661 SixsixOne Rage

Knee Pads 661 SixsixOne Rage

Knee Pads SixSixOne Rage

The braces Rage, are the new model of protection that the brand SixSixOne has brought out for sale. This new model of braces will provide the rider with the best protection during his routes with the mountain bike so that it can go out to train with total freedom. The Rage 661 Knee pads have an internal casing which is hard, and an adjustable Velcro closure.

The new SixSixOne Rageis one of the best knee protections that 661 has among its product portfolio.

Features of SixSixOne Rage braces

The new model of knee protection, SixSixOne Rage, is a very resistant element to the abrasion of the terrain, thanks to the Kevlar material with which it counts. The Kevlarwill cause the braces not to break immediately and guarantee the rider a long life. Side-impact protection has been made by a high-density EVA foampadding.

The new Rage of the brand SixSixOne, have a very good ventilation because they have been made by perforated and mesh neoprene so that the cyclist can pedal freely and with maximum comfort. The Rage of SixSixOnE, have an ergonomic mold ing in order to make the rider feel totally comfortable when getting on the bike. In addition, this protection model will fit perfectly to the shape of the knees. The built-in velcro strap will help the rider safely and comfortably ride the bike and fit the knee braces snugly to the rider's leg.

The Hard modelincorporates the protection of the knee on the outside in order to prolong the duration of these SixSixOne brand Knee pads because of the abrasion of the terrain and provide maximum protection .

Knee Pads-Shin SixSixOne Rage

Optionally, we can also find these new knee pads – Shin which are the latest version of the Rage that the SixSixOne brand has brought out for sale.

The knee pads – Shin Rage are two products in one. This new knee brace model is longer than normal to cover the Espinillera function. With the knee pads – Shin SixSixOne Rage, the rider will be twice as protected.

The Hard model, has the protection of the knee on the outside in order to prolong the duration of these knee pads – Shin made by the SixSixOnebrand, due to the abrasion of the terrain and increase the Safety of the rider.

What do we know about the SixSixOne brand?

SixSixOne is a brand created in the year 2000, in California, United States. From its beginnings the brand sought to create useful protections for the most risky modalities of MTB, BMX and Trial.

The lovers of the descent, the Enduro, freeride, Urban Freeride, soon began to use the protections created by the brand SixSixOne. Coming to the present day that the most prestigious riders use the protections of the recognized brand.

SixSixOne's range of products includes mainly the world of cycling and develops products such as: helmets, knee pads, elbows, breastplates, gloves, shoes, shorts. But also with the purpose of increasing the market and being able to meet a greater number of athletes, SixSixOne also performs specific protections for bikers. Among which are the boots, breastplates, gloves, knee pads... with a design specially directed to the bikers.

Without a doubt the SixSixOne protection s meet the demands of the riders who face more risky challenges, transmitting greater security in the most delicate areas of the body such as joints, head or Back.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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