TACX Blue Twist Training Turbo trainer

TACX Blue Twist Training Turbo trainer

TACX Blue Twist Training Turbo trainer

The TACX BLUE TWIST Training Turbo trainer T-2675 is a turbo trainer focused on a general public that is not so specialized. This turbo trainer model does not include handlebar resistance lever. Having 7 braking positions allows a higher performanceworkout to be performed.

Technical features of TACX Blue Twist Turbo trainer

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  • magnetic braking system.
  • Compatible with wheels between 600 and 710 mm in diameter.
  • adjustable braking to 7 positions.
  • maximum power: 650 Watts.
  • It consists of discs with 6 magnets each.
  • Securing the bicycle with the rear wheel.

with this turbo trainer TACX BLUE TWIST T-2675 you can train from home the way Easy and comfortable without having to rely on external factors such as atmospheric weather.

Model TACX Blue Twist Indoor turbo trainer-cheap and 30% discount

The new turbo trainer TACX BLUE TWIST T-2675 is an essential element to be able to train with your bike but without having to leave the house. With it, you will be able to train daily without having to be aware of external agents as it can be the time that it does because being able to train inside the house this factor does not influence.

This turbo trainer is specially made for those people who want to go into the world of bicycle sports but who are still beginners. The TACX BLUE TWIST T-2675 does not include resistance lever on the handlebar but has 7 braking positions which allows high performance trainingto be performed inside the house.

Twist T2675 Turbo trainer Features

  • Braking system: Magnetic adjustable to 7 positions.
  • Bicycle fastening: rear wheel.
  • It consists of discs with 6 magnets each.
  • Type of wheels supported: 600 and 710 mm diameter.
  • Maximum power: 650 watts.

Training Turbo trainer expert opinion Tacx Blue TWIST T2675

with this turbo trainer TACX BLUE TWIST T-2675 You can perform full workouts from home in a much more comfortable and simple way. BLUE models are models already specially designed for beginner s of the world of cycling.

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