Professional Turbo trainer TACX Antares T1000

Professional Turbo trainer TACX Antares T1000

TACX Antares Training Turbo trainer

The prestigious Dutch brand Tacx offers us its new Antares turbo trainer model. The TACX Antares Turbo trainer does not incorporate any bike fastening system at any end, which will give the rider a great sense of freedom as if he were pedaling on the outside, guaranteeing the best freedom of movement. This turbo trainer of the Tacx brand, even without having to hold the bike by any end has one provides great comfort and safety.

If your goal is to go by bike to improve your fitness, the new training roll of the brand TACX will help you get it as well as also contribute to improve your pedal stroke as well as balance.

The TACX training Turbo trainer is compatible with road bikes (700c/28 ") and is also easily foldable to be transported because it occupies only about 80 centimeters.

Characteristics of the TACX Antares roll

  • Designed especially for cyclists who want to improve their physical shape, as well as coordination and technique.
  • Do not Incorpe any restraint system.
  • Compatible with road bikes 700c/28 ".
  • Great sense of freedom of movement.
  • When this turbo trainer is folded it only occupies 80 centimeters.

What do we know about the Tacx brand?

Tacx is a Dutch brand founded in the year 1957. At first it was a simple bicycle shop, in which its founder, Koos Tacx and his wife worked. It was not until the year 1972 when Koos Tacx began to manufacture training turbo trainers.

In principle it was himself who produced the turbo trainers, but little by little the invention began to seize strength and today the brand TACX is the most sold and most used by the professionals of cycling.

The Foundation of the company is the quality and on the other hand the unit of the family within the business. Thanks to these two pillars Tacx are the reference mark.

Another key date in the company's evolution was the year 2000. In this year the Tacx turbo trainers stopped being a few simple cylinders to roll over and became the coaches of the elite cyclists. Thanks to the fast evolution of the technology it was able to connect the turbo trainer to a computer. This way at all times you could know the power, cadence, heart rate, speed... So that we can train in a precise way.

But this was only a small breakthrough, because soon after they created the virtual reality turbo trainers. In this way you can simulate real conditions inside the dining room of your own house, thanks to complex computer programs The turbo trainer-enrollers have become indispensable to make intermissions and warm ups.

Currently Tacx continues to innovate and research to further evolve its products and remain the leading brand.

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Professional Turbo trainer TACX Antares T1000 / Tacx

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