Neo Smart TACX Training Turbo trainer

Neo Smart TACX Training Turbo trainer

New Neo Smart TACX turbo trainer with virtual reality

The new TACX Neo Smart Turbo trainer allows for training without rear wheel (it is fastened to the frame by the rear without the need for wheel) and its futuristic design coincides with its high performance as a turbo trainer.

The Tacx Neo Smart Turbo trainer offers the cyclist the greatest sense of reality during the training as it incorporates a rear transmission that simulates real form, without loss of power, the feeling of pedaling. In addition, this turbo trainer is catalogued, so far, as the quietest turbo trainer on the market. The absence of physical transmission, in this turbo trainer, avoids rubbing between the pieces, guaranteeing the silence during the training with the bicycle and also does not need to be calibrated and does not suffer wear.

This turbo trainer of the prestigious TACX brand, is able to apply a resistance of up to 2200 watts and realistically simulate slopes of up to 25%, accelerating in descents. This ensures a more realistic cycling experience, even during uploads.

As all smart training turbo trainers are connected with ATN + and Bluetooth, ensuring easy and fast connection. All data in real-time performance, Cadence,... are available to the cyclist and can be consulted at the same time on several devices simultaneously (mobile phone, bike computer, sports watch,...). In addition and compatible with third Omo systems of Zwift, BKOOL, Kinomap and TrainerRoad.

You won't need a power meter either, as the NEO Smart will measure it accurately based on the feedback of the engine, as well as calculating the cadence depending on the pedaling action.

promotional video: Https://youtu.be/MnCCXri0T_Y

Main features of Neo Smart TACX:

  • Software: TACX applications.
  • Operation: Automatic.
  • Resistance: Direct Drive unit.
  • Slope: realistic up to 25%.
  • Simulation of downhill:-5%.
  • Maximum braking power (10 sec.): ,200 watts.
  • Inertia mass: 125 kg.
  • Suitable for system cores: Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo; 10 and 11 of speed. Cassette not included.

What do we know about the Tacx brand?

The Tacx brand when it was created in Holland in the year 1957, was a simple bike shop, where its founder, Koos Tacx and his wife worked. It was not until 1972 when Mr. Koos began to manufacture training turbo trainers. Initially, it was himself who produced the turbo trainers, but little by little the invention began to take strength and today the brand TACX is the most sold and most used by the professionals of cycling.

The Foundation of the company is the quality and on the other hand the unit of the family within the business. Thanks to these two pillars Tacx are the reference mark.

It was the year 2000 when the Tacx turbo trainers stopped being a simple cylinders to roll over and became the coaches of the elite cyclists. Thanks to the fast evolution of the technology it was able to connect the turbo trainer to a computer. This way at all times you could know the power, cadence, heart rate, speed... So that we can train in a precise way. Later on, the virtual reality turbo trainerswere created . In this way you can simulate real conditions in the dining room of your own house, thanks to complex computer programs, the roll-ups have become indispensable for making intermediary and heating.

Currently Tacx continues to innovate and research to further evolve its products and remain the leading brand.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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