Turbo trainer Minoura B60-R

Turbo trainer Minoura B60-R

The turbo trainer Minoura B60-R is the new model of turbo trainer that has released the prestigious Japanese brand Minoura. With this model of turbo trainer, Minoura has achieved an essential element for any cyclist to be able to train from home in those days when the outside time does not allow you to go out to train outdoors. From now on the rider will have no excuse to be able to train with the bicycle; The Minoura B60-R is the ideal tool that every cyclist should have at home.

The Magturbo that includes this model of turbo trainer as a feeding unit, is the first magnetic resistance of the world, which will allow the rider to be able to train in a comfortable way and rendering to the maximum.

Minoura B60-R Training Turbo trainer Features

The turbo trainer Minoura B60-R has a size of 610mm x 420mm x 400mm and a total weight of 5.9 kg. The B60-Ris ideal for bicycles with tyre 24 "-700 X 45 C; It also adapts to a hub width between 125 and 145mm. The frame of this turbo trainer of the mark Minoura is a basic frame and it has been made by light steel to be able to facilitate to the rider its transport. The stand is 29mm in diameter and the hub clamp is of standard threaded type.

The new Minoura B60-R Turbo trainer features a standard ferrite magnet and is a lightweight, adjustable-power model. This model of turbo trainer of the brand Minoura, generates 425W of power to 40 km/h and 662W to 60 km/h and has a full suspension flywheel of steel disc of 0.6 kg.

The new turbo trainer model B60-R of the brand Minoura, has 7 levels of resistance so that the rider can use the one that suits you at all times; In addition, this turbo trainer has a quick release remote lever and will provide you with the ability to train at high speed and low resistance.

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This new model of bicycle training Turbo trainer has been elaborated with the best quality and materials and also has an excellent quality-price ratio.

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This innovative B60-R Training Turbo trainer model of the Minoura brand has an easy assembly and ideal levels of resistance in order to be able to easily and efficiently feed from home.

What do we know about the Minoura brand?

The Minoura brand was born in Japan in the year 1933 as a small family business. At the end of the years 40, the company began to create more specific products for the practice of cycling.

But it is not until the year 1988 when the company gives the definitive jump on a global scale with the creation of the turbo trainer baptized like Magturbo. The main novelty of this innovative turbo trainer was the inclusion of the magnetic system to create friction.

Thanks to the extensive experience achieved during the more than 80 years of history of the Japanese factory, currently Minoura turbo trainers are a benchmark.

Today the Japanese brand is able to offer its wide range of products all over the world. In addition, thanks to the evolution of the technology Minoura has managed to create turbo trainers with "Live training" that allow the user to connect his Smartphone and to register in real time the training session showing all The data needed to improve physical preparation.

No doubt Minoura has managed to satisfy the most competitive cyclist s by creating a few turbo trainers, which allow training in the living room, getting the performance you find on the road.

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Turbo trainer Minoura B60-R / Minoura

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