Turbo trainer Kinetic Kurt Z

Turbo trainer Kinetic Kurt Z

The Kinetic Kurt Z is the new bike Turbo trainer model that will allow the cyclist to train from home with his bike. This tool, is an ideal element to be able to train without having to leave the house in those days in which the time does not allow you to go out to roll with the bicycle.

The Kurt Kinetic-Z is the ideal model to be able to perform your workout perfectly from home but at the same time feel free because its main advantage is that it does not hold the bike anywhere. With the new Kurt Kinetic – Z, the rider will have the feeling of being trained outdoors and without having to move from home. This model, even without holding the bike anywhere, is just as safe as the other turbo trainers that keep it immobilized. In addition, with the kurt Z, the cyclist will improve in balance and technique.

Features: Turbo trainer Kinetic Kurt-Z

The new Kinetic Kurt Z turbo trainer features turbo trainers made from 90 x 374 mm precision aluminum and has dimensions of 533 x 508 x 234 mm when folded. This model of turbo trainer is very easy to fold and has the ability to be dismantled by the right and left.

The new Kinetic Kurt Z Turbo trainer can be adjusted to fit a bicycle with a wheelbase of 97 cm to 110 cm. In addition, this model features frames made of lightweight aluminum.

In addition: Turbo trainer Kinetic Kurt Z

The Kinetic Kurt Z Training Turbo trainer is a new turbo trainer model made of high quality light aluminum with the purpose of facilitating the cyclist to assemble and dismantle it and to be able to transport it.

Expert opinion: Turbo trainer Kinetic Kurt Z

With the Kurt Kinetic Z Training Turbo trainer you will be able to train freely from home and bad weather will no longer be an impediment to getting on the bike.

What do we know about the Kurt Kinetic brand?

Kurt Manufacturing was founded by Kurt Kuban in 1947 and thirteen years later it was ranked as one of the most important suppliers of the fluorescent disc and other high-tech industries.

In the world of the cycling industry Kurt Manufacturing began manufacturing the training Framework s for a competitor, which went bankrupt in 1999. Glued to a lot of inventory and tools and armed with the knowledge of the leakage of resistance units, Kurt applied his experience in manufacturing precision to elaborate bicycle training turbo trainers. The outcome was so extraordinary that he patented it for his leak-proof resistance unit.

Currently, the Emrpesa Kurt Kinetic is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of training turbo trainers for high performance bicycles.

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