Turbo trainer Elite Force Elastogel - Cycling Training

Turbo trainer Elite Force Elastogel - Cycling Training

The elite Novo Force Elastogel is a turbo trainer model created by the elite brand. With this turbo trainermodel, the rider will be able to train comfortably from home and without having to worry about the limitations of external weather; From now on the rain or the excess heat will not be an excuse to be able to train with the bicycle. The Elite Novo Force Elastogel Training Turbo trainerwill ensure that the rider can perform the best cycling workouts from home.

The Elite Novo Force Elastogel Turbo trainer is the best option since it will guarantee the cyclist the best workouts from home and always with the best performance.

Turbo trainer features Elite Novo Force Elastogel

The new Elite Novo Force Elastogel is a turbo trainer model that has 5 levels of magnetic resistance which can be selected by means of a selector located on the handlebar. This turbo trainermodel has been manufactured with steel and plastic materials. The new frame design of the Novo Force Eastogel Training Turbo traineris suitable for use on wheels of diameters between 24 "and 29".

The Elite Novo Force Elastogel Training Turbo trainer has a noise reduce r and vibrations, which will decrease by 50%, tire wear, which will decay 20% and instead increase adherence. Using the Fast Fixing locking System, the bicycle will be held and released with a single action providing the rider its use; In addition, this Elitebrand Turbo trainer is very fast and easy to fold and also compact.

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The new Elite Novo Force Elastogel Training Turbo trainer will allow the cyclist to train from home with total freedom in those days that some factor does not allow you to go outside to train with the bike.

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With the new turbo trainer of the Elitebrand, the cyclist will be able to train from home with the utmost comfort and with the best performance.

What do we know about the Elite brand?

Elite is an Italian brand that has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing products for the world of cycling but the most renowned are the training turbo trainers.

The Elite Training turbo trainers have been developed by using the most innovative technologies thus achieving the best training turbo trainers that we can currently find in the market. All the products of the Elite brand have a great quality of manufacture since they have been elaborated with the best materials. In addition, Elite has a large portfolio of products in terms of training turbo trainers, drums and bottle.

Elite has numerous successes and discoveries made through the work of engineers, technicians, etc. In addition, this brand currently sponsors more than half of the world's professional teams.

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Turbo trainer Elite Force Elastogel - Cycling Training / Elite

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