Turbo trainer ELITE ARION

Turbo trainer ELITE ARION

ELITE ARION Training Turbo trainer

Elite has taken out its new turbo trainermodel. The new Elite Airon is a turbo trainer model that will allow the rider to train with his bike but without having to leave the house. In addition, the new training roll of the Elite brand has the great novelty that the bike is not subject anywhere. This detail, will make with the Elite turbo trainer Airon, the rider improves a lot in balance and then apply during their outdoor workouts with the bike. However, this great innovation does not influence the safety of the cyclist; Although the bike is held by any place, this turbo trainer is just as safe as the others. With this novelty, the rider, you can pedal more freely, as if you were training outdoors with your bike.

Features of Elite Arion training Turbo trainer

The new Elite Arion training Turbo trainer, has dimensions of 141 x 49.5 x 16 cm when open and 73 x 49.5 x 22 cm when folded. In addition, this turbo trainer is compatible with different types of wheels: .5 ", 650c, 26", 29 ", 700c (28") and also includes a quick lockSystem. This turbo trainer model has a maximum power of 440 Watts and does not have a bicycle attachment as it works by balancing the rider.

The Elite Arion Turbo trainer has a step to get up and down the bike without the need for support. This turbo trainer model is a light, strong and safeproduct. This element has a very light frame but at the same time it is very resistant because it has been made by polyamide reinforced withfiberglass.

The Elite Arion will provide the rider with a great freedom of pedal ing and always with maximum security and balance.

In addition

The Elite Arion training Turbo trainer is a great training tool for practicing cycling inside the house and with more freedom than ever. With this model of training roll you will not have to stop practicing the sport that you like for the bad weather outside.

ELITE Training Turbo trainer ARION DIGITAL

The Elite brand has released its new training roll model, the elite Arion in digital format. The Arion Digital is the first turbo trainer with an integrated resistance which is controlled by a wireless console to be placed on the handlebars of the bicycle. This Elite training Turbo trainer will not keep the bike held by any place, but it is kept standing by the balance of the rider when pedaling on top of the turbo trainer. Even so, this element is equally certain that other turbo trainers that hold the bicycle on the back. Thanks to this system, the cyclist can, in addition to training from home without taking into account the weather of the outside, improve in balance for their subsequent routes with the bike outdoor.

The data provided by this new model of turbo trainer of the Elite brand are:

  • Speed.
  • Power.
  • heart rate.
  • Cadence.
  • Time.
  • Distance

Features of Elite Arion Digital training Turbo trainer

The Elite Arion Digital, has 3 training modalities:

  • Adjustable resistance level.
  • constant Power.
  • Pre-set programs.

In addition, this new turbo trainer model is compatible with road bikes and MTB and is a compact model because the frame is folded quickly to facilitate the rider storage and transportation. The turbo trainers of the Arion digital, have been elaborated in a parabolic way in order that the rider can train with the maximum safety and balance.

The Arion DigitalTraining Turbo trainer has a maximum power of 1,115 Watts, with magnetic resistance, and is compatible with wheels 26 ", 29", 700c (28 "), .5", 650c.

In addition

The handlebar control that includes the Elite Arion Digital Training Turbo trainer, has ANT + compatibility which will provide the rider with information such as power, cadence, distance, time speed and will manage the Cardio training zones. In addition, it can be used with the app Elite IQubo.

Expert opinion

The new Elite Arion training Turbo trainer is one of the best models of turbo trainers as the rider can train from home even those days that can not go out of an outdoor form and can also improve in balance.

What do we know about the Elite brand?

Elite is an Italian brand that has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing products for the world of cycling but the most renowned are the training turbo trainers.

The Elite Training turbo trainers have been developed by using the most innovative technologies thus achieving the best training turbo trainers that we can currently find in the market. All the products of the Elite brand have a great quality of manufacture since they have been elaborated with the best materials. In addition, Elite has a large portfolio of products in terms of training turbo trainers, drums and bottle.

Elite has numerous successes and discoveries made through the work of engineers, technicians, etc. In addition, this brand currently sponsors more than half of the world's professional teams.

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