Elite Turbo trainer Arion Mag Turbo trainer

Elite Turbo trainer Arion Mag Turbo trainer
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Elite Training Turbo trainer Arion Mag

The new Elite Arion Mag Training Turbo trainer is a very functional turbo trainer with a modern aesthetic. As a novelty, this turbo trainer does not have any bike restraint system anywhere; Which means the rider will have to pedal to keep the balance on the bike. Even so, it should be noted that even if this turbo trainer does not hold the bike attached, it is equally sure that the ones that hold it on the back or front.

The advantage that the bicycle is not attached to the turbo trainer is that it will provide a great freedom of movement when training inside the house, thus guaranteeing a sensation similar to that obtained when pedaling abroad.

The anti-static compound that incorporates this turbo trainer from the Elite Airon brand ensures a lower roll noise during training and also reduces tire wear.

The resistance that incorporates the Elite Airon Mag training Turbo trainer is 3 adjustable levels with a sliding control. This turbo trainer model is also compatible with road bikes and MTB.

Features of Elite Airon MAG training Turbo trainer

  • Magnetic resistance unit with 3 levels adjustable by means of a sliding control.
  • It incorporates a platform that will facilitate its assembly.
  • Compact and foldable for easy storage.
  • Very quiet turbo trainer and that reduces the wear of the tires of the bike.
  • Dimensions: 141x 49.5 x16 cm (open) and 73x 49.5 x22 cm (closed)
  • It can be used with road bikes and MTB.

What do we know about the Elite brand?

The Elite brand comes from Italy and has more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing products designed for the world of cycling. Even so, the sector in which the Elite brand has been focused is in the production of training turbo trainers.

The Elite Training turbo trainers have been developed by using the most innovative technologies thus achieving the best training turbo trainers that we can currently find in the market. All the products of the Elite brand have a great quality of manufacture since they have been elaborated with the best materials. In addition, Elite has a large portfolio of products in terms of training turbo trainers, drums and bottle.

Elite has numerous successes and discoveries made through the work of engineers, technicians, etc. In addition, this brand currently sponsors more than half of the world's professional teams.

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Elite Turbo trainer Arion Mag Turbo trainer / Elite

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