Turbo trainer CycleOps Super Magneto Pro

Turbo trainer CycleOps Super Magneto Pro

The brand of CycleOps Turbo trainers has brought to the market the new Magneto Pro turbo trainermodel. This bicycle turbo trainer, is compatible with MTB and Road Bikes to facilitate the user's use. In addition, this model of turbo trainer, has been devised so that they can use it tri athletes, or quite the contrary, beginners. This versatile element will make the Super Magneto Pro, an ideal turbo trainer that all cyclist s want to have with them.

Features of Super Magneto Pro training Turbo trainer

The new Super Magneto Pro Training Turbo trainer from the CycleOpsbrand has been developed using the PowerTuned technology, which will make it fit the inertia flywheel with 4 adjustable resistance curves. These four levels are:

  • Easy setting: ideal for heating.
  • Road Configuration (Flat Road): will develop volume.
  • Interval setting: Intense Mode
  • Mountain Configuration (Hill): It is the most challenging route of the turbo trainer.

This turbo trainer, has a lower and broader level of posture that will increase its stability in the race.

The Super Magneto Profeatures a leg lock in position that will increase stability and simplify transportation. This turbo trainer of the brand CycleOps, is folds flat so that the cyclist can keep it even under the bed.

Compatible with 29" wheels

The Super Magneto Pro Training Turbo trainer model of the CycleOpsbrand has a manufacturer's warranty without time limit.

With the purchase of this Turbo trainer of CycleOps, a coupon with code for Realrides.tv is included, a free trial of two weeks of the VirtualTraining and the quick closing.

In addition: Turbo trainer CycleOps Super Magneto Pro

The new Super Magneto Pro CycleOps Training Turbo trainerfeatures a bicycle side bar end with a self -centring cone. In addition, it also includes a leveling point for easier use on non-regular terrains.

Expert opinion: Turbo trainer CycleOps Super Magneto Pro

The new turbo trainer model of the CycleOpsbrand will guarantee the rider a perfect workout without having to leave the house. In addition, the cyclist will be able to choose the configuration that suits him according to his physical state or, simply, as he pleases.

What do we know about the CycleOps brand?

Cycleops is a brand recognized worldwide for the manufacture of high quality training turbo trainers . It must be said that their beginnings were somewhat curious as they started making curtain cranksets. The brothers grab er sold their window products company and after many experiments invented a bicycle rack which was a total success of sales. In 1989, Chris and Sara Fortune bought the company that sold annually 80,000 bikeshelves. In 1990, a bicycle racks brand called "Saris"was launched. The company expanded in 1999 by purchasing the Cycleops training Turbo trainersbrand, from which they decided to improve the designs. In the 2001, they produced a new turbo trainer box and, in the year 2002, manufactured the world's first Cycleops magnetic turbo trainer of progressive resistance.

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