CycleOps aluminium Turbo trainer

CycleOps aluminium Turbo trainer

The new CycleOps Aluminium training Turbo trainer is the best option to buy since with this element the cyclist will be able to train from home with the maximum comfort and performing the best training. A great novelty introduced in the manufacture of this model of turbo trainer, is that by not holding the bike either at the front or the rear, will force the rider to pedal 100% of the time; which will make you improve in balance, control and ability to go in a straight line. In addition, this turbo trainer is equally certain that other models that hold the bike in front or behind.

With this turbo trainer model The bad weather outside will no longer become an excuse to train with the road bike.

Features of aluminum CYCLEOPS Turbo trainer

The new model of turbo trainer aluminum brand CycleOps, is the best option of purchase that we can currently find in the market.

The aluminium turbo trainer produced by the prestigious brand CycleOps, will provide the rider with the best results of the training. With this model, the cyclist will improve in balance, ability to go in a straight line and control, resulting in greater efficiency, power and technique on the road. All this is possible because the turbo trainer does not hold the bicycle either at the front or the rear. Because the bike is not holding, the rideR has to pedal all the time if you want the bike to stay on foot; This way it will also improve in rhythm.

It should be said that the turbo trainer CycleOps aluminum, is a very safe turbo trainer model but not hold the bike anywhere. On the contrary, this model, in addition to providing the cyclist with great security, will give you a greater freedom of pedal ing and so the rider will not feel locked up having to train from home.

The diameter of the aluminum turbo trainers are 3.25 " high precision and resistant so that they cannot deteriorate due to heat or sunlight. In addition, the 6 points of contact with the ground will guarantee the rider a better stability. Wheelbase is 36 "to 43" (91.44 to 109.22 cm)

The manufacture of the structure has been made by means of steel in order to guarantee the maximum resistance and durability.

Expert opinion: CycleOps aluminium Turbo trainer​

With the CycleOps Aluminium training Turbo trainer, the rider will be able to train from home with the utmost comfort and resistance and also improve in efficiency, power and road technology.

What do we know about the CycleOps brand?

CycleOps is a brand recognized worldwide for the manufacture of high quality training turbo trainers . It must be said that their beginnings were somewhat curious as they started making curtain cranksets. The brothers grab er sold their window products company and after many experiments invented a bicycle rack which was a total success of sales. In 1989, Chris and Sara Fortune bought the company that sold annually 80,000 bikeshelves. In 1990, a bicycle racks brand called "Saris"was launched. The company expanded in 1999 by purchasing the CycleOps training Turbo trainersbrand, from which they decided to improve the designs. In the 2001, they produced a new turbo trainer box and, in the year 2002, manufactured the world's first CycleOps magnetic turbo trainer of progressive resistance.

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CycleOps aluminium Turbo trainer / CycleOps

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