Turbo trainer trainer Bkool Smart Pro

Turbo trainer trainer Bkool Smart Pro
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Bkool Smart Pro Training Turbo trainer + Premium Pack simulator + ANT + heart rate Sensor

The prestigious brand Bkool introduces us to the new Smart Pro training Turbo trainer, a compact model that incorporates Plug & Play Connectivity. This intelligent turbo trainer incorporates one of the best and most advanced simulators that we can currently find in the Medas; In addition this simulator will allow the user to analyze and share the results obtained in the social networks all their trainings in a detailed way.

The Bkool Smart Pro training Turbo trainer has a power of 1200 W and a great point in favor it has is that it is very quiet (approximately 75 DB). This turbo trainer can be used both with road bikes and with mountain bikes so that you can use it whatever modality you practice; In addition you will be able to choose any route to include it in your training sessions with the Smart Pro turbo trainer of the Bkool brand.

The new Bkool Smart Pro will allow the user to run in a 3d velodrome and be able to compete with other cyclists thanks to the Strava connection. This turbo trainer also has ANT + and Bluetooth compatibility.

Technical features Bkool Smart Pro Training Turbo trainer

  • Incorporates a simulator
  • Has ANT + heart rate sensor
  • Power: 1200 W
  • Very quiet.
  • It can be used with road and mountain bike.
  • ANT + and Bluetooth support
  • You can connect with Strava
  • The rider will be able to roll as in a velodrome.

Turbo trainer trainer Bkool Smart Pro / Bkool

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