SIS Energy Gel - road and MTB cycling: extra energy when needed

SIS Energy Gel - road and MTB cycling: extra energy when needed

The SIS GO isotonic Energy Tropical Gel is a fast, non-water-intensive energy gel. This product is ideal when the rider needs a quick power surge. The new GO isotonic energy Tropical is also a very soft element of palate and very easy to digest that will bring the cyclist an extra energy and without having to apply water.

The new SIS GO isotonic Energy Tropical gelcan be used during long-term workouts in order to avoid performance drops.

Characteristics of Gel SIS GO isotonic Energy Tropical

The new Energy gel isotonicmodel is the ideal product that every cyclist should use during their workouts to avoid slowing down. This gel of the brand SIS, is a product that will contribute to an adequate hydration and to maintain the performance of the rider. It should be said that this iso tonic gel, is ideal when practicing any type of sport in order to replace the electrolytes lost during sweat training.

The SIS GO isotonic Energy Tropical gel contains 22 grams of carbohydrates and 0.3 grams of salt per gel in order to replace the electrolytes lost by perspiration. This gel of the brand Sciene in Sport, SIS, has been elaborated with natural flavors to facilitate digestion.

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The new SIS GO isotonic Energy Tropical Gel will provide the rider with the necessary energy quickly to be able to continue training.

Expert opinion: SIS Energy Gel

The SIS GO isotonic Energy Tropical gelis an element that will guarantee the maximum performance during the training with the bicycle.

What do we know about the SIS brand?

SIS is the abbreviation for the Science In SportCompany. This British company was founded in the year 1992. Since its inception SIS seeks the way to design food products that provide the maximum energy to athletes before, during and after physical exercise.

In SIS they are very aware of the importance of food and hydration to achieve sporting successes, for this reason SIS works together with the main research institutes, sports scientists and coaches of High-level athletes.

Thanks to the constant research work Science In Sport manages to create nutritional supplements that contribute the deficiencies that cause the most demanding efforts. During the more than twenty years that have evolved their gels, bars, energy drinks... have managed to be a leading brand of the sector.

Proof of this are the successes achieved by professional cycling teams and athletes of the highest level in different sports such as: Katusha Ciclyng Team, Astana Cicyling team, tennis player Andy Murray among many others.

Currently, SIS has a range of more than 80 products aimed at improving the energy supply for amateur and professional athletes of the most demanding modalities.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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