OTE Sports Energy - Energy Gel

OTE Sports Energy - Energy Gel

The new energetic Gel of the brand OTE is an easy to use element that will provide the rider with that Extra Energy peak so necessary at certain times. The energy Gelcontains carbohydrate s along with electrolyte s in order to obtain a Gel that guarantees the muscles of the cyclist a ration of energy when they need it most.

energetic gels are used by professional athletes at such times that they need energy instantaneously or when intensity of exercise makes it necessary to use more carbohydrates.

OTE Energy Gel Features

The new energetic gel of the brand OTE, is an element that is ready to drink, so that the rider will only have to open the container. A strong point of this energetic gel is that it is very light in the stomach, which will cause the rider to have no further stomach aches due to the intensity of the gel. In addition, it is a natural product with a very good taste, which will make it very easy to digest and does not have any sweetener or artificial dyes.

The DualDelivery container, will help to not be difficult and not slow to open it to be able to consume it. In addition, this gel is suitable for all types of people, and even for vegetarians, vegans, and people who can not ingest gluten or dairy. With the OTE Energy Gel, the rider will have between 20 and 30 extra minutes of energy that will allow you to get better performances in those moments when the body needs more energy to be able to face the training.

Expert opinion

The new Energy Gel of the brand OTE will provide the rider with the best energy in the moments that most require it.

What do we know about the OTE brand?

The brand OTE was created more than 20 years ago and has its foundation in the elaboration of gels and energetic products with the purpose of offering to the users the extra energy point in the moments where it is needed more Resistance during training of any type of sport, including cycling. It was not until 2012, that OTE decided to give a turn to their products giving them a pleasant flavor with the intention that they were easier to consume. Performance Nutrition is based on how food and nutritious products can help improve the rider's performance.

In September 2015, OTE began to sell in Italy and in October of the same year, it opened a performance centre.

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OTE Sports Energy - Energy Gel / OTE

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