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The new active activity bracelet that has released the brand Sigma, is an element that every athlete will want to have with him. This activity bracelet will keep the user informed at all times of the data he wants to know. The Sigma active activity bracelet has a customizable screen (time, steps, calories, distance and activity), which is easily readable for both left and right handed people. The rechargeable battery with this activity bracelet model has an autonomy of up to 8 days. The active Sigma bracelet is IPX7 water resistant.

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This activities D bracelet willcalculate the steps, as well as the distance traveled and the calories burned. In addition, the display time is in three ranges of intensity (low, medium, high). Likewise, the user will be able to establish an individual daily goal to reach (steps) and define milestones (bronze, silver and gold). With the new active Sigma activity bracelet, the user will be able to visualize the duration of the sleep and the quality of it thanks to the ACTIV application

Physical CARCTERÍSTICAS of active SIGMA activity bracelet

  • Weight: 18 grams.
  • With the purchase of the Sigma activity bracelet, the charging cable is included.
  • Customizable screen.
  • Rechargeable battery with an autonomy of up to 8 days.
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Count the steps, the distance and the calories.
  • Possibility of establishing a daily goal.

Active SIGMA Activity Bracelet functions

The new activity bracelet featuring the Sigma brand features accurate ECG and digitally encoded wireless transmission.

For a greater visalizacion of the screen, this bracelet has a backlight; In addition this element allows to lock the keyboard.

What do we know about the SIGMA brand?

Sigma is a German manufacturer of technology and accessories at the time of going out to train with the bicycle using precision technology. Sigma's origin was found in the 1930s when this brand experienced rapid and constant growth. A few years later, in 1982 Sigma took to the market its first computer cycle

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