Garmin VivoSmart Bracelet-Activity and fitness tracking watch

Garmin VivoSmart Bracelet-Activity and fitness tracking watch

Garmin VivoSmart-monitoring and Activity monitor features

The Garmin watch-Vivosmart activity bracelet device is the perfect ally for tracking activity and smart notifications:

  • In short, this device always shows the steps, calories, distance and time of day.
  • It also connects via Bluetooth with our mobile device and provides notifications for vibration alerts of basic functions such as phone calls, text messages or emails.
  • The operation and handling of this device is very simple just by touching the screen and sliding a finger on it we can access the detailed information of each event.
  • Add inactivity alerts to remember you must move.

What information is displayed on the screen?

The Vivosmart has been manufactured with an elegant bright OLED screen that lights up when you receive a notification or when you slide your finger over it. In summary you can check the time of day, the walking steps, the distance traveled, calories burned and other information available.

In addition you can automatically connect your VivoSmart with the Garmin Connect Community (the virtual community of Garmin) in order to have more control of all the daily information of your activity that the VivoSmart bracelet has collected. This functionality is done through the free use on your compatible mobile device or from the computer.

What smart notifications can you get?

It's very simple, when you receive a text message, an email or a call on your mobile device with Active Bluetooth ® Smart, the Vivosmart activity bracelet will vibrate smoothly and automatically display the information. You will only have to slide your finger through the display of your activity wristwatch to access the full information of the notification. Everything in a very simple and intuitive way!.

How important are the long periods of physical inactivity in the burning of body fat?

It has been scientifically proven that long periods of inactivity reduce the segregation of enzymes in charge of burning body fat; For example, when you stay for many hours sitting this segregation of enzymes is drastically reduced.

The activity and fitness control bracelet, Garmin VivoSmart, controls these downtimes and by gentle vibration alerts you to them and "invites" you to move for a few minutes to reduce that decrease in fat burning enzymes Body.

24h Control

With this bracelet-watch activity control you can have a control the 24horas of your activity. It has a water resistance of 5 ATM which means you can swim and shower with it.

It also has advanced systems that measure sleep quality. Activate sleep mode when you go to sleep and let the device control your rest. Later, you will be able to see the total of your sleep hours, as well as the periods of motion and repair sleep on your Garmin Connect page.

Brand custom daily targets and VivoSmart will help you improve them

Garmin Vivosmart memorizes Your current activity level to then assign an achievable daily target. As you meet your goals, Vívosmart will adjust the next day's goal, gradually you to a more active lifestyle. In Garmin Connect, our free virtual community, you can win virtual medals and check your progress.


Overview of Garmin VivoSmart Activity Monitor Bracelet features:

  • Measurement of physical Activity: Steps, Countdown, duration of inactivity, distance, calories, time/date.
  • Battery autonomy: Up to 7 days
  • Watertightness/impermeability: Up to 5 ATM (5 meters). You can shower and swim with the device.
  • Accessories: Compatible with a cardio-frequency belt -heart rate meter.
  • Manufactured by Garmin and with -year brand warranty.
  • Available in three sizes: small, medium and large
  • Available in various colors: grey, black, pink fuxia, blue and lilac.

What do we know about the Garmin brand?

Garmin is a leading global brand GPS device manufacturer that was founded in 1989 in Olathe, USA. This prestigious company, manufactures GPS devices for automotive, fitness and outdoor (where we find cycling), nautical, aviation and mobile app. Garmin is based on innovation, practicality, value-added, good results and service.

Garmin, has the mission to "be a solid company in the creation of high quality products for the automotive, aviation, maritime and outdoor activities and sports, an essential part in the lives of our customers ".

Currently Garmin has a wide range of products and distributors in almost every country in the world; This is why Garmin is so proud to be a global supplier of its GPS devices.

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