Polar V800 - Heart rate monitor and GPS

Polar V800 - Heart rate monitor and GPS

The GPS + V800 Polar monitor with H7 heart rate sensor is the new GPS device with built-in monitor that the Polar brand has brought to the market. The new GPS of Polar, has been elaborated in clock format with the intention that it is more manageable for the rider. In addition, it has been made with aluminum and is an ideal tool for all types of cyclists, whether professional or not, and want to perform a good workout and get a good performance. The new GPS V800 of Polar, is very light because it only weighs 79 grams.

The purchase of this model of GPS + heart rate monitor includes the USB cable and the HR sensor.

Characteristics of GPS Polar V800

The new GPS device + V800 Polar monitor is the ideal element that all cyclist s must have in their hands. This model, will help the rider to know the performance he is having in each training cycling studying and providing the necessary information to improve day by day. In addition, the Polar V800 records The daily activity 24/7, and data during training such as the route, distance and speed of the rider.

This tool has the barometer function which will measure the temperature and the ascent/downhill during the training carried out. The new Polar V800, has the ability to record and determine the heart rate of the cyclist (even in water) in order to measure the effects of the training performed on the system Cardiovascular. In addition, thanks to the Polar Flow app, the cyclist will be able to plan the training to be done later to analyze it in detail.

The new GPS system + V800 Polar Monitor, has a rechargeable battery which has approximately 13 hours of autonomy in training mode, 50 hours in low consumption but with GPS enabled and up to 30 days in activity mode Daily. Also, this element will allow you to record in memory, up to 60 hours with GPS and HR sensor activated.

Features of performance and performance of GPS + V800 Polar heart rate monitor

Designed for performance

The polar V800 is the perfect complement for tough workouts and demanding sporting conditions

Powerful and constantly developing

The polar V800 is continually updated with new features, specially designed for runners, cyclists and swimmers.

Bike support included

The special edition includes a bicycle stand for optimal positioning.

Offers complete training

Planning, training and analysis (V800 total Training solution) thanks to the app and Web service Polar Flow.

It is also compatible with Strava

This GPS + Pulse monitor device of the prestigious Polar brand is the best model and the most complete of this known and popular brand. In addition, it can perform many functions and very different between them.

Among these features is Smart Coaching which will provide information on how to perform your workout. To do this is based on tools such as Fitness test, Orthostatic test or Smart calories among many others. It is also compatible with the website and the Polar Flow app with which you can immediately analyze the training performed with the bike or it can just be a place to have a diary of the different sessions Developed.

One of the characteristics that stand out of the Polar V800 is that it can evaluate the heart rate of the cyclist so that it can be informed of how the training has sat and check its cardiovascular status. To do this it has functions like the training load that tells you how it has affected the training to your body and with which you can compare the load with different exercises.

The new V800 includes a cadence and speed sensor with which you will have information like the race rhythm using Bluetooth Smart and stop and will start up at the time the cyclistdoes.

Why buy GPS + V800 Polar pulse monitor?

The V800 Polar GPS device is a great support for cyclist s who are professional or not who want to do high performance training. The V800 is the most complete model that we can find in the market because it provides a lot of information so that the rider can be informed of all the necessary data to be able to carry a control and see the Progress Day by day.

What do we know about the Polar brand?

The prestigious Polar brand originates in Oulu, Finland as it is where it registered its first patent in 1979. The idea was born four years earlier in order to create portable heart rate monitors. In 1976 the Polar company was founded in an environment known for its advanced technological research.

In 1982, Polar was selling the first portable heart rate monitor marking a before and after in the athletes ' way of training.

Polar, is considered one of the best brands manufacturers of GPS and pulse devices that we can currently find in the market. This Finnish brand has almost 40 years of experience in the elaboration of these important tools when going out to train with your bike, both mountain and road. In addition, its products are of the most innovative that we can find and also have a high quality of manufacture and resistance.

This Finnish brand has different products depending on the sport you want to use and depending on whether you train in a professional way or to be in shape.

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Polar V800 - Heart rate monitor and GPS / Polar

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