Polar M400 - GPS and heart rate monitor

Polar M400 - GPS and heart rate monitor

Polar presents us its new model of M400 heart rate monitor ideal to go out to train having all the information necessary to analyze the results and thus to improve them day after day. With this element, the rider will have the best device that will inform him of the state of his body and how he feels the training to be able to plan better the trainings adapted to the body. In addition, this watch model saves previous workout sessions so the user can compete with himself and beat his own records.

Characteristics of M400 Polar heart rate monitor

The new Polar M400 clock-monitor, is an essential element that every cyclist should carry with him as it will provide all the information necessary to be able to train with total freedom and being well informed.

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The M400 Polar heart rate monitorhas a high resolution screen of 128 x 128 pixels and a total weight of the device of 56.6 grams. The M400 features a rechargeable battery using a USB cable and has a WR30water resistance. In addition, it is available in different languages, and will provide the user with intelligent notifications that will tell you for example who you are calling. The Polar M400, has alarm and audible alerts, as well as a locking system of the training buttons to avoid accidental touching.

Functions of the M400 Polar heart rate monitor

The M400 heart rate Monitor has a 24/7 tracking system and will provide the user with information such as activity time and has an in activity alarm, the steps taken and the distance traveled and will inform you of The duration and quality of the sleep. Thanks to the Bluetooth Smart Running sensor, the rider will be informed of the cadence, distance and speed-rhythm.

With the aim of being able to perform the best trainings, the Polar M400heart rate monitor, has an agenda, a system to see social news, and an analysis of training and activity instantly, which will provide the user with a Summary of the training session performed in the Polar Flow app and you will be able to complete the training and advanced Activity Analysis, which will give you a summary of all the details of the training and physical activity along Of the entire Web Flow service.

But this is not all, the new Polar M400 Monitor model will measure the rider heart rate, as well as Zonas heart rate and velocity/rhythm. It also has a zone lockingsystem, which will cause the training to freeze at a certain intensity. Thanks to this device, the user will also be informed of the altitude in which it is located and the ascent and downhill made. The new M400will inform the rider of its personal records and the diary and training history, as well as having an automatic stop/start sensor.

Polar M400 can optionally incorporate heart rate Monkey Band (HRM-heart rate)

Expert opinion

The new Polar Pulse M400, is the best option to buy as well as keeping the rider well informed at all times of all the data needed to be able to train with total freedom and with the maximum performance, has a Excellent design.

What do we know about the Polar brand?

Polar is a brand of origin in Oulu, Finland and registered its first patent in 1979. The idea was born four years earlier with the intention of creating portable heart rate monitors. In 1976 the Polar Company was founded in an environment known for its advanced technological research.

In 1982, Polar took the first portable heart rate Monitor to market, marking a before and after in the athletes ' training forms.

Polar, is considered one of the best brands manufacturers of GPS devices and pulse that we can currently find in the market. This Finnish brand has almost 40 years of experience in the elaboration of these important tools when going out to train with your bike, both mountain and road.  In addition, its products are of the most innovative that we can find and also have a high quality of manufacture and resistance.

This Finnish brand has different products depending on the sport you want to use and depending on whether you train in a professional way or to be in shape.

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