GPS Polar M460 - heart rate monitor

Computer GPS POLAR M460 – potentiometer and heart rate monitor

The new GPS Polar M460 meets all the requirements to be the perfect ally in your workouts and cyclingcompetitions. Its design is modern and the finishes are very fine, with an ultra-fast navigation. It offers a lot of real-time data so you can regulate the effort on the bike. In addition, its mount is light and the screen has great visibility.

Entering in its performance we can highlight its compatibility with power meters. In this way, the cyclist can start to follow a much more planned training and with the safety of fulfilling the areas of effort accurately. To complement this function, a chest band is added to measure the heart rate. The pilot can control in real time his pulsations and regulate his effort according to the route.

In addition, the GPS Polar M460 offers the possibility to follow live segments of Strava.

What does live mean?


The appliance alerts you to any stretch of the Strava application that is encountered during the bike path. Thus, the rider can immediately know the Times of other runners to face with guarantees the segment and also the result just finished. The aim is to achieve a more dynamic and motivating training.

Other features of M460 Polar GPS for cycling

On the scale it gives a weight of 50 grams, the battery lasts 16 hours and is only available in black color. It also has a LED light on the front. Up to 4 data can be consulted at the same time on the display. Bluetooth establishes a connection with Cadence, power and heart rate sensors and is compatible with other applications such as Polar Flow and Training peaks.

In cycling it is essential the contrast of data with other sessions or runners and for this the data of the M460 can be passed to the PC to Conultarlos and store them.

On the other hand, it incorporates the function of Smart Coaching. With it you can perform a test to know where your physical level is, know how your shape evolves, the type of improvement physiological or recovery times after any outing on bicycle.

Finally, it has barometric altimeter and thanks to the POLAR H10 tape , the pulses are measured. This is waterproof and can be dipped up to 30 meters.


* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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