GPS Polar M450

GPS Polar M450

The Polar M450 is a GPS device Model of the prestigious polar brand which has been designed to be used in different cyclingmodalities. The new M450 is the best option to buy because it has many features so that the cyclist can perform the best training and high performance. The new model of computer of Polar, has the function of Smart Coaching to have the rider always informed of how the training is sitting and how it affects his body.

GPS Polar M450 Features

The Polar M450 GPS device is a very light model because it only weighs 51 grams and has a thickness of 14.0 mm. The M450 has a screen of 34.65 mm X 34.65 mm which is resistant to splashes that can be received during use in rider training and uses sensitive and accurate GPS with satellite connection. In addition, this model has a flash memory with 64MB and 35 hours of recording.

The Polar M450, has a rechargeable battery with approximately 16 hours of autonomy with heart rate and GPS activated. This GPS model has a very precise barometer function. The Polar M450, also has a front LED light to keep you safe if you make routes during the night or visibility is reduced.

GPS Polar M450: Features and benefits

The new polar M450has connectivity in the Polar Flow app using Bluetooth Smart, upgradeable software and GPS satellite charging. In addition, this new model, you will receive indications of the heart rate so that the rider is always well informed of his physical state.

The Smart Coaching feature that incorporates the Polar M450 GPSdevice, has many important functions so that the rider can see their progress. These functions are:

  • Fitness: The cyclist will be able to measure his aerobic capacity from the heart rate that the rider has at rest, the variability of this and the preliminary information that the cyclist gives him.
  • Orthostatic: will report the rider's physical status and to see his progress in training day by day.
  • Training Benefit: It motivates the cyclist through comments after having made an important physical effort.
  • Smart Calories: allows the rider to know the amount of calorie burned taking into account factors such as age, weight, height, sex, heart rate and intensity of training.
  • Training Load: tells you how the rider has affected the training so that it can be compared to different sessions and progressing every day.
  • recovery time: indicates the time the rider needs before restarting the next race or workout.

Why to buy online the GPS Polar M450

The new GPS device of the prestigious Polar brand, is one of the best models of computers that we can find in the market because it has many functions with the aim of keeping the rider always informed of Everything and that it can analyze it later to be able to improve day by day. In addition, the M450 has the back to Start function which will guide you back to the site from where you started training.

Expert opinion: GPS Polar M450

The new GPS Polar M450 is one of the best computers that we can find in the market because it will provide the cyclist with a lot of information so that it can improve day by day.

What do we know about the Polar brand?

The prestigious Polar Company was founded in 1976 in Oulu, Finland. Only three years later, Polar already recorded his first patent. The idea was born four years earlier with the intention of creating portable heart rate monitors.

In 1982, Polar took the first portable heart rate Monitor to market, marking a before and after in the athletes ' training forms.

Polar, is considered one of the best brands manufacturers of GPS devices and pulse that we can currently find in the market. This Finnish brand has almost 40 years of experience in the elaboration of these important tools when going out to train with your bike, both mountain and road.  In addition, its products are of the most innovative that we can find and also have a high quality of manufacture and resistance.

This Finnish brand has different products depending on the sport you want to use and depending on whether you train in a professional way or to be in shape.

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