Garmin Varia Vision In Sight

The prestigious Garmin Cycling brand, introduces us to the new Garmin Varia Vision in-Sight, the first accessory that the rider can put on his glasses, and that will provide the information that he obtains from a compatible device during his routes. This information will be reflected in a small screen at the height of your eyes. The new various Vision In-Sight that has released the Garmin brand, will contribute to a better concentration of the rider as it provides the data of its performance that needs real time, and directly in its visual line; Now the rider will no longer have to distract himself to look at his device, or wait to finish the workout to see the results.

The biker will be able to connect the various Vision In-Sight to a compatible Edge device to be able to receive the information it needs. This Garmin-branded device may be linked to the various rear radar, which will notify the rider when vehicles are approaching from behind. In addition, the various Vision In-Sight will emit vibrations for key performance and radar information, addresses, calls and messages. The touch panel will make it easier for the rider to move between the screens, even with the gloves on.

The new various Vision In-Sightwill provide the rider with up to four important information fields as well as crisp graphics. Some of these data that will offer us the various Vision In-Sight, are the heart rate or the velocity. This element can be used both by MTB and road bikes, and because it is so light, it will not inconvenience the biker. The various Vision In-Sight has a battery with an autonomy of up to 8 hours and a degree of impermeability of IPX7.

With the purchase of the various vision In-Sight, there are four different size bands, two quarter turn supports, one charger cable and the various visiondata viewer.

Features data viewer GARMIN VARIA VISION in-SIGHT

  • It will give the rider all the information that his device obtains for a greater concentration of this one, as well as greater comfort.
  • It has a visual screen at the height of the eyes through which the biker will receive the information.
  • It is placed on the crankset of the rider's sunglasses.
  • The various Vision In-Sight will be connected to your compatible Edge device and even to the rear radar range that will inform you when cars are approaching behind.
  • Emits vibrations to inform the rider about performance, incoming calls, messages, etc.
  • Ambient light Sensor so that the rider can read the information in the most comfortable way.
  • Compatible with road cycling and MTB.
  • Battery with up to 8 hours of autonomy.
  • Degree of impermeability IPX7.
  • Weight: 25 grams.

Expert opinion

The new Garmin Varia Vision in-Sightdata Viewer is an element that will make it easier for your cyclist to provide you with the information you need to be able to perform the best workouts.

What do we know about the GARMIN brand?

Garmin is a leading global brand GPS device manufacturer that was founded in 1989 in Olathe, USA. This prestigious company, manufactures GPS devices for automotive, fitness and outdoor (where we find cycling), nautical, aviation and mobile app. Garmin is based on innovation, practicality, value-added, good results and service.

Garmin, has the mission to "be a solid company in the creation of high quality products for the automotive, aviation, maritime and outdoor activities and sports, an essential part in the lives of our customers ".

Currently, Garmin has a wide range of products and distributors in almost every country in the world; This is why Garmin is so proud to be a global supplier of its GPS devices.

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