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UVEX ONYX Women's MTB Helmet

The prestigious cycling brand Uvex, presents us its new model of MTB Onyxhelmet, which has been designed for the female audience. The new Onyx brand Uvex, is an element that will give the biker the maximum sense of comfort when going out to train with his Mountain bike. This helmet will guarantee the rider a great protection so that it does not have to cohibirse when riding on the MTB bike because it does not feel safe enough.


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The Uvex helmet is a protection model designed to be a versatile element as well as versatility and designed for both MTB and road use. The Onyx has been developed by using the in-Mould technology with which the rider will have a greater safety thanks to the increase of the resistance of the hull. In addition, this model of the Uvex brand has a high level of lightness aeration, as well as a great solidity. In order to guarantee the cyclist the maximum protection, it has been incorporated the IAS adjustment System with which thanks to the wheel located in the back of the helmet will regulate the pressure exerted on the head.

For the rider's comfort , the micro sealed EPS foampadding system has been developed, and high density polystyrene has been used on the inner cover and microsealed with Makrolon outside.

Features of MTB Uvex Onyx helmet

  • Designed for MTB riders, although it can also be used on the road thanks to the removable visor.
  • Made using In-Mould technology.
  • Excellent ventilation system with 17 channels spread over the hull surface.
  • IAS adjustment System.
  • Anti-insect grid.
  • Reflective elements to increase the visibility of the biker in nocturnal routes.
  • Chin-lock system.
  • Weight: 245 grams.

MTB Swivel helmet Mount for women

The new model of riding MTB helmet that has released the brand Giro for women is an element that every cyclist will want to have in their hands as it provides the best comfort and protection during training with the bike.

This Giro brand MTB helmet also has the MIPS technology that will contribute to a better safety of the ciclsita when going out to practice mountain biking as it will increase its protection against possible impacts.

The p. O. V Plus Visor that incorporates this model of swivel helmet can be adjusted with one hand according to the rider's needs. The ride, also has some hydrophilic pads that will take care of absorbing the sweat of the rider so you do not bother to perform their workouts; The X-Static lining antimicrobial will reduce the bad smells thus keeping the helmet cool.


This swivel-brand helmet features the Roc Loc AIR adjustment system which will increase hull performance as well as comfort and ventilation. Thanks to the Roll Cage reinforcement network, the hull will be decomposed in case of an accident, thus increasing the rider's safety level.

Features MTB swivel riding helmet

  • MTB helmet for women.
  • Casing made using In-Mold technology.
  • EPS Inner Pads and Roll Cage reinforcement.
  • P.O.V. Plus removable visor.
  • Integration for camera support.
  • MIPSTechnology.



The Liv Passion helmet that has come out for sale The Giant brand is an essential element when it comes to cycling MTB. This model of MTB helmet made by the Giant brand has been manufactured with the best materials and of the highest quality with the aim of providing the cyclist with the best comfort and protection.

The Giant Liv Passion helmet has an excellent ventilation system that can 18 channels spread throughout the hull surface, with which the cyclist can train with the maximum performance with great comfort. Its elaboration has been made through the use of in-Mold technology, which will make it a very resistant element for the biker to have the maximum protection. The casing has been made with polycarbonate.

The internal EPS foam pads will keep the rider comfortable during workouts. This MTB helmet model features an adjustable visor, as well as the Gian Cinch 5 rear closure system with built-in LED lights .

Features of the Giant Liv Passion helmet

  • Use of In-Mold technology.
  • poly carbonate structure.
  • 18-hole ventilation system spread across the hull surface.
  • Internal padding system with EPS material.
  • Incorporates visor.
  • Cam Lock Buckles.
  • Giant Cinch 5 rear closure system with LED lights.
  • Weight: 325 grams.



The new model of MTB helmet of women Andorra that has released to the sale to brand Specialized is one of the best models that currently we can find in the market. With this element, every woman will have the maximum protection when going out to train with the mountain bike. In addition, the Andorra model has been elaborated with the best materials and of the highest quality to guarantee the cyclist the maximum comfort during the trainings.

The new model of MTB Andorra helmet that has brought to the market the brand Specialized, is the key element that every rider will want to have with him. The Andorra helmet has been manufactured through the use of in-Mold technology and has been incorporated into the HairPort SL adjustment system that will keep it safe during workouts with the bicycle. In addition, this element has four height positions and a dial with Microadjuster, which will be compatible with Pigtail.


Thanks to the Specialized Andorra helmet, the rider will be able to go out to train with a high level of comfort because it has 21 channels of aeration to keep the head well fresh so it can perform to the maximum. This Mountain Bike helmet has the Tri-Fix belt system so that the rider has the best grip and also, that does not imply any inconvenience. The Specialized Andorra helmet features a detachable visor.

Features Casco Specialized Andorra for women

  • MTB helmet designed for women.
  • Excellent aeration system with 21 ventilation channels spread over the hull surface.
  • HairPort SL adjustment system with four height positions.
  • Microadjustable Dial.
  • Developed using In-Mold technology.
  • Tri-Fix belt system.
  • Removable visor.
  • Weight: 312 grams (size M)


FOX FLUX Helmet for women.

The prestigious brand Fox has brought to the market the new model of helmet of Mountain Bike for women. The new Fox Flux will give the rider a great deal of comfort when going out with the bike so that it can train with maximum performance.

The new Fox Fluxhelmet model has 20 ventilation channels so that the biker can have great comfort and training with the maximum performance. This MTB helmet has a deep back profile and has been developed using an EPS casing, which has a greater coverage if compared to helmets with XC helmets that we can find in the market.

The Fox Flux helmetincorporates the Detox retention system that will keep the rider protected when going out to train with the mountain bike providing a great comfort. The Fox Flux helmet features a removable visor.

Features Fox Flux helmet

  • Women's MTB helmet.
  • Made with EPS casing to achieve a great protection of the rider.
  • Detox adjustment System.
  • 20 channels of aeration for the rider to have a fresh head.
  • Greater coverage for greater protection.