Spiuk Quasar Cycling shoes-

Spiuk Quasar Cycling shoes-

MTB/Enduro Clipless cycling footwear Spiuk Quasar

The new clipless Enduro/downhill shoes Quasar presented to us by the prestigious Spiuk brand is a model made with hybrid soles, that is to say, perfectly suitable for both walking and pedaling. This full suspension-injection sole will provide the biker with maximum comfort on the bike and walking with them.

The upper area of the Spiuk Quasar footwear has been manufactured with highly resistant fabric and with anti-abrasive reinforcement s in the tip and heel area; The new quasars will provide great protection to the rider's feet. The adjustment system of these MTB cycling shoes (Enduro/Downhill) is based on a top Strap next to an elastic loop with a stopper.

Note that this footwear model is compatible with cleats SPD

Features of Enduro/downhill shoes Spiuk Quasar

  • Clipless cycling shoes for downhill/Downhill and Enduro
  • Dual-injection hybrid sole.
  • Compatible with SPD system.
  • Fastening system with strap and elastic loop.
  • High Flow 1 Mesh fabric for breathability.
  • Tip and heel reinforced with anti-abrasive fabric.
  • Shoes suitable for pedalling and walking.

What do we know about the Spiuk Sportline brand?

The SPIUK Sportline brand based in Spain is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of products related to the world of cycling. SPIUK Sportline was created in Vizcaya in the years 90 at the hands of a team made up of 3 people who had experience in different types of sport, marketing and finance.

The excellent management and good initiatives carried out by the brand Spiuk Sportline have made it quickly reach a good position in the market, becoming one of the best valued companies in the world of cycling. The main objective of the SPIUK Sportline brand is to guarantee cyclist s products that have the highest manufacturing quality.

The designs of Spiuk 's products are designed to meet the needs of cyclists, always using the latest applied technologies and maximum innovation. The work philosophy of Spiuk Sportline, has enabled the brand to enter new markets in more than 20 countries such as France, Portugal, Germany Sweden, Japan, Brazil, among others. Spiuk Sportline works with a process of analysis, creativity, strategy, design, logistics and commercial management with the aim of manufacturing the best cycling products, becoming a benchmark in terms of quality, Comfort and quality-price ratio.

The range of products that the SPIUK Sportline brand has:

  • Helmets
  • Glasses
  • Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Personal Care


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