Cycling Shoes MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain Bike Specialized Cadet SPD

Cycling Shoes MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain Bike Specialized Cadet SPD

Specialized Cadet 2018 MTB/MTB Shoes – Enduro & DH

The Specialized Cadet mountain bike Footwear is a solid option when faced with guarantees disciplines such as Freeride, Enduro and downhill. It is a very versatile model that allows you to combine a quiet walk with a quiet walk. Therefore, the cyclist appreciates the comfort with which he can cope with any situation. They are differentiated with other models by the overlapping space in the sole to incorporate SPD coves.

Features Footwear mountain Bike Specialized Cadet

If you look at its outward look we see that they have a minimalist but effective design. Its synthetic leather texture incorporates a breathable upper mesh for continuous ventilation. As for the fastening, Lacelock shoe laces are used. They are made with a very elastic compound, which allows a strong grip and does not loosen with the passage of kilometers. Its tongue is very spongy, and evenly disproportioned without causing uncomfortable pressure points.

Body Geometry Technology is used on the soleplate. In this way, the rider's foot is fully adapted to the length of the shoe. In addition, they also incorporate a template with optimized alignment. Also in the midsole EVA contributes to total comfort, so you can transfer the maximum force possible to the pedals of the bike.

The relaxed fit setting aims to balance the forces for both pedaling and walking. Besides, this Cadet footwear stands out for a quick synchronization with all the feet; In just a couple of workouts the cyclist will feel like he's not wearing anything. As if it were not enough, they are available in various versions and colors, with laces together. So you can choose the one you like to complete your equipment.

Specialized Cadet MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE Shoes data:

  • Model for men and women.
  • weight: 340 grams.
  • sizes: 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 48.
  • colors: Black, blue, lilac.


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Cycling Shoes MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain Bike Specialized Cadet SPD / Specialized

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