2FO 2017 clipless pedal MTB shoe

2FO 2017 clipless pedal MTB shoe
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Clipless footwear for Enduro SPECIALIZED 2FO 2018

The Specialized 2FO Clip shoes are a model of cycling footwear that incorporates coves for the use of autoattic pedals. These cycling shoes have been designed for use in the modalities of Enduro and Trail.

With the 2FO ClipCycling shoes, the rider can set the maximum control of the pedals, having the maximum comfort and protection during the workouts without having to add additional weight. These new mountain bike shoes that the Specialized brand has launched into the market have been tested and designed by riders All Mountain and gravity. The sole of this Mountain Bike shoe, has a recess with slots to get easier entrance of the cove to the pedal. The 2FO Clipfeatures a full suspension-composite sole, a firm one for easier pedal access, and the other soft to improve grip on the platform.

The Lollipop technology that incorporates this model of MTB shoes, is an internal system with which the rider can get the maximum stiffness during the pedaling; In addition, the EVA foam will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort when going out to train with the bicycle. These MTB shoes have a protective toe and have an extensible cove groove up to 4 mm.

The Air Mesh fabric will provide the rider with the best comfort during training thanks to the extraordinary level of ventilation it has; In addition, the thermosealing incorporated in the upper part will prevent possible snagging during workouts.

These sneakers and adventurers of the downhill that the Specialized brand gives us, incorporate the Body Geometry Technology with the aim of achieving maximum comfort and the relaxed fit system will allow a perfect balance to Pedaling or walking.

Features of the SPECIALIZED 2FO CLIP clipless pedal Shoes

  • Designed to be used in the modalities of Trail and Enduro.
  • Full suspension composite sole for best accessibility and pedal adherence.
  • Use Lollipop technology to get the best stiffness when pedaling.
  • EVA Foam sole and protective toe.
  • 4mm Extensible Cove Groove.
  • Air Mesh Fabric for best ventilation and maximum comfort.
  • Inclusion of heat sealing to avoid snagging when training.

Expert opinion

With the Specialized 2FO Clip Cycling shoes The rider will be able to perform the best workouts when going out to train with the Enduro and Trail bike.

What do we know about the SPECIALIZED brand?

Specialized Bicycle Components is an American company that manufactures bicycles and cyclingcomponents. Specialized was created in California in 1974 at the hands of Mike Noyard. In its beginnings its production had as reference its model star of bicycle of Allez Road and that of cycling Sequoia. He feels years later, in 1981 Mike was commissioned by Tim Neenan to design a mountain bike frame that could be produced in series.

At the beginning of the years 90, it introduced in its catalog the line of urban bicycles Globe. In 2001, Mérida Bikes bought 49% of Specialized and became the company's majority shareholder and CEO .

Among the Specializedbrand's extensive portfolio of products, we find bicycles, accessories and cycling components.

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2FO 2017 clipless pedal MTB shoe / Specialized

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