Road cycling Cycling shoes Sidi Wire Carbon-Katusha

Road cycling Cycling shoes Sidi Wire Carbon-Katusha

The brand Sidi introduces us to its new model of limited edition Wire Carbon Katusha Road cycling shoes. This model of cycling shoes are ideal for the most demanding riders when going out to train with the road bike. With this new footwear of the Sidi brand, the rider will have a high level of grip, and can train with the best performance.

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The Wire Carbon Katusha shoes is a high endfootwear model, designed especially for the use of racing riders. We can differentiate these shoes from the Sidi brand of other previous models by the techno III Push lace adjustment system with the one that counts, the micro metric buckle Soft instep 3. In addition, this buckle that incorporates the Wire Carbon Katusha shoes will exert the optimum level of pressure on the rider's feet so that it has the maximum comfort and can increase its performance during the workouts.

The carbon sole of the new road cycling shoes that has released the Sidi brand will guarantee the cyclist a great stiffness, as well as the best transmission of the power making a more efficient pedaling.

Characteristics Road Cycling shoes SIDI WIRE CARBON KATUSHA

  • Road cycling shoes.
  • Carbon Vent Sole that will contribute to maximum power and grip transmission.
  • Adjustment system using shoe lace s and a micro metric buckle.
  • Soft instep 3 Strap.
  • Easily replaceable heel.
  • Internal clamping system rotor.

What do we know about the SIDI brand?

The brand Sidi began to manufacture sports footwear for different types of mountain sport in the 1960 and it was not until 1970 when he began to specialize in sports footwear of cycling.

Its founded was Dino Signor i (hence the acronym Si-Di) and he has combined throughout all these decades in which the brand has existed its passion for sport with the greatest innovation applied to the manufacture of sports footwear.

The Sidi brand has become the leader of the cycling footwear market and its technical staff is constantly focused on research and development to be at the forefront of designing and utilizing innovative materials.

Currently, Sidi has several dozens of footwear models and overboots of cycling each season. The colors and designs are in line with the values that have always represented this great brand: the design and the value for the technological innovation applied to the sport.

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