Road cycling Shoe Sidi Kaos

Road cycling Shoe Sidi Kaos
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Find in the Sidi Kaos road cycling shoes A high-end cycling footwear that combines a very stiff carbon sole and an optimal rider's foot restraint system.

Features of Sidi Kaos Road Cycling shoes

These shoes represent the high end of the Sidi brand road cycling footwear. And today, 2015, the Kaos model is one of the most advanced and most performance models in the world of cycling. They are also of an indisputable Italian design that do not leave us indifferent.

  • The footwear is made of Lorica microfiber and nylon mesh: the Lorica synthetic material and its soft surface make the dirt can not adhere making it very easy to clean.
  • It also incorporates the "Heel Cup" Ankle system that keeps the foot in the optimum performance-work position while avoiding the deformation of the shoe with prolonged use.
  • To make it easier for the cyclist to walk with these cycling shoes s if required, a replacement part is included in the heel sole area.
  • The sole is manufactured based on the technology of Sidi Millenium 4 that has been improved compared to previous years thanks to the insertion on the nylon of carbon fibers (the carbon fiber injection gives a 37% more rigidity to the sole). In addition, the sole design is thinner than the Hi-Tech carbon, allowing the rider's foot to be closer to the pedal.
  • The closing system consists of a wide, anatomical and padded closure strip, it is made with a thermo-shaped soft material for greater comfort and performance. It distributes the pressure evenly over the area of the foot arch, adjusting on both sides for a perfect centering.

Many colors available: white, orange, yellow, black, white-red,...

Sidi-the brand of cycling footwear

The brand Sidi began to manufacture sports footwear for different types of mountain sport in the 1960 and it was not until 1970 when he began to specialize in sports footwear of cycling.

Its founded was Dino Signor i (hence the acronym Si-Di) and he has combined throughout all these decades in which the brand has existed its passion for sport with the greatest innovation applied to the manufacture of sports footwear.

The Sidi brand has become the leader of the cycling footwear market and its technical staff is constantly focused on research and development to be at the forefront of designing and utilizing innovative materials.

Currently, Sidi has several dozens of footwear models and overboots of cycling each season. The colors and designs are in line with the values that have always represented this great brand: design and value for the technological innovation applied to sport.

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