Shimano R064 Cycling Shoes

Shimano R064 Cycling Shoes

Shimano brings us its new model of R064 cycling shoes, which have been specifically designed to practise road mode. This footwear model will guarantee the rider a good workout because it will provide the best comfort during the outings with the bike and are also a very elegant and affordable cost.

The double pattern on the soleplate is compatible with 2-screw SPD cleats and 3 SPD-SL/Look.

Features of Shimano R064 Cycling Shoes

The new Shimano R064 road cycling footwear model is considered to be one of the best that we can currently find in the market. The out sole of the slippers, has been covered with nylon with fiberglass with the aim of achieving rigidity and perfect elastic ity. The top of the slippers has been designed with synthetic leather which is highly breathable, as is the template. Thanks to this, the cyclist will have a very airy element that would favor the comfort of the cyclist during his bicycle workouts.

For a better fit of the shoes, they incorporate a double Velcro band and it has reflective elements for the best visibility of the cyclist during his outings with the bicycle during nocturnal routes.

In addition

The Shimano R064 Road slipper s are compatible with 2 screws SPD and SPD-SL/Look 3cleats.

Expert opinion: Shimano R064 Cycling Shoes

The Shimano road cycling shoes R064 are the best option if you want the rider to increase its performance and having the best comfort.

What do we know about the Shimano brand?

Shimano was created in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano in the Japanese city of Sakai, Osaka. In the beginning the company was a steelworks. So he started to create bicycle sprockets.

It was not until 1956 that they created the first change of speeds, but also were the pioneer s in the market of bicycle accessories to use the cold forg ing to produce these components, revolutionizing the Sector and creating high qualityproducts.

From this moment the company began to grow and expand all over the world, reaching the present where it has factories and headquarters around the world. In addition Shimano, even being a multinational company, can boast of maintaining a familiar character and the current president is Yoshizo Shimano, son of the founder.

Today Shimano is the benchmark in the realization of components of cycling, whether road, Mountn bike, urban, runway, cyclo-cross...

  • The main components that Shimano produces are: transmission groups, speed changes, cassettes, connecting rods, chains, diverters, pedals, Brake discs and a long etcetera of components.
  • But also the Japanese brand decided to expand its range of products and also sells all kinds of products related to cycling such as shorts, jerseys, gloves, glasses, pictures, Wheels...
  • Not forgetting that also makes components for other sports modalities such as Piragüismo, canoe, fishing, golf, winter sports...

Finally refer to the sponsor ship agreement that came with the International Cycling Union to be a sponsor of world-class cyclist events.

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Shimano R064 Cycling Shoes / Shimano

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