Shimano AM701 MTB/MTB Cycling shoes/Footwear for Enduro and downhill

Shimano AM701 MTB/MTB Cycling shoes/Footwear for Enduro and downhill

Shimano AM701 MTB Shoes for Enduro and downhill

Focused on increasing the comfort of your feet, the Shimano AM701 MTB shoes are the bet of the Japanese brand for the disciplines of Enduro and Downhill. They are notable for the combination of performance with aesthetics and comfort, with inserts for cleat s on the sole. Its design is very nice and the treatment of paint very resistant. Moreover, thanks to its strategically placed air inlets, a constant flow of air is created.

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At outfits, the first thing we observe is its perfect ergonomics. Thus, the rider can be sure that the power exerted will be transferred efficiently to the pedals of the bicycle. Once placed, the adjustment is carried out by means of shoe laces. Its tightening is constant and does not create pressure points, a very important point. A velcro is added to the upper part to complete an optimal fastening.

As we say, the Shimano AM701 are designed to be used with clipless pedals. The sole is a combination of hardtail and absorbent materials. It has a great grip and elements to anchor better. Therefore, it is ideal for land where you also need to ride the bike on the slopes. Includes a pair of other colored replacement cords to make your shoes exclusive.

As for the ventilation system inside you can only say goodness. The synthetic instep has been perforated, being the main air inlet. However, there are also effective entries on the sides. Besides, the toe has been molded so that the fingers are subject and safe throughout the mountain biking route. Finally, your flexible mesh anklet prevents chafing and debris from accumulating at a critical point.

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