Road cycling Footwear Shimano RP9 2018

Road cycling Footwear Shimano RP9 2018

Shimano RP9 2018 Shoes

From the line of cycling shoes, Shimano has updated the models RP9, RP7W and RP5 with micrajustables fasteners type Boa IP1 and a velcro strap at the bottom. The RP9 shoe model has the highest level within the range of performance cycling shoes. It is made of flexible synthetic microfiber leather with very good breathability. A carbon sole provides a lot of comfort and stiffness in just 224g.

The new Shimano RP9 shoes are a high-end footwear model, designed to be used in the road cycling modality. These racing shoeswill guarantee the cyclist the maximum comfort when it comes to competing.

The intermediate Dynalast carbon sole with which this model of cycling shoes is responsible for maintaining the good position of the foot during the training so that the pedaling is more efficient and that the best transmission of the Power on the pedals. The ventilation system incorporating the Shimano RP9 Cycling shoes will create an internal airflow so that the rider's feet are fresh and it stays comfortable when you leave the bike. This will be possible thanks to the sturdy instep with which it counts, as well as grille reinforcement and heel reinforcement.

The new Shimano RP9 Road cycling shoess feature a full suspension-density thermoformed template and a precise adjustment system with a buckle and two velcro strips that will give the rider maximum comfort when going out Pedalling with the bicycle.

Features shoe SHIMANO RP9

  • Surround InStep that will achieve the perfect balance between the power of pedaling and comfort.
  • Custom-Fit technology that will provide the rider with perfect comfort and fit.
  • Dynalast Technology for better freedom of movement of the cyclist's feet when pedaling, reducing the loss of energy in the long outputs.
  • Adjustment system by means of a micrometric buckle and two velcro strips.
  • Excellent ventilation system.

What do we know about the SHIMANO brand?


The prestigious Japanese brand Shimano was created in the year 1921 at the hands of Shimano Shozaburo. In its beginnings the company was a steelworks starting thus the elaboration of pinions for bicycle.

It was not until 1956 that they created the first change of speeds, but also were the pioneer s in the market of bicycle accessories to use the cold forg ing to produce these components, revolutionizing the Sector and creating high qualityproducts.

From this moment the company began to grow and expand all over the world, reaching the present where it has factories and headquarters around the world. In addition Shimano, even being a multinational company, can boast of maintaining a familiar character and the current president is Yoshizo Shimano, son of the founder.

Today Shimano is the benchmark in the realization of components of cycling, whether road, mountain bike, urban, runway, cyclo-cross...

  • The main components that Shimano produces are: transmission groups, speed changes, cassettes, cranksets, chains, front derailleurs, pedals, Brake discs and a long etcetera of components.
  • But also the Japanese brand decided to expand its range of products and also sells all kinds of products related to cycling such as shorts, jerseys, gloves, glasses, pictures, Wheels...
  • Not forgetting that also makes components for other sports modalities such as Piragüismo, canoe, fishing, golf, winter sports...

Finally refer to the sponsor ship agreement that came with the International Cycling Union to be a sponsor of world-class cyclist events.

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Road cycling Footwear Shimano RP9 2018 / Shimano

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