MTB shoes SHIMANO rando SH-MT44

MTB shoes SHIMANO rando SH-MT44

The Shimano rando SH-MT44 shoes are designed for people who want to practice cycling with a versatility and optimal comfort. The new cycling footwear model Rando SH-MT 44 is ideal for cyclists who practice the Mountain/MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLEmodality, with the opportunity to be able to walk with total ease and lightness.

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The Shimano brand has manufactured the Rando SH-MT44 Cycling shoes s with innovative and suitable materials so that the rider can enjoy his sport with comfort. Its composition consists of one piece, with an instep of mesh and synthetic leather, so that the cyclist's feet are adjusted and protected. The sole is of EVA and foam, so that the riders can pedal or walk comfortably when need. The closing mechanism is tight and simple, so that the cyclist can lever it easily during the different routes.

With the Shimano rando SH-MT44 shoes You can pedal with mixed pedals, taking into account that the sole is flat, but can incorporate the cleats to have the foot more fixed and thus take a little more strength that can be given throughout the ride of the pedal O

Features of Shimano Rando SH-MT44 Cycling shoes:

In this new model of Shimano MT44 shoes we find a type of cycling footwear specially designed for the practice of MTB/off-road/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE and cycling. Its main focus is leisure cycling.

The main strengths of these cycling shoes are that they have been made with synthetic piles and fine mesh; This gives footwear, breathability and elasticity. Of course, these manufacturing materials result in the Shimano brand being able to create very light footwear with some protection.

The sole of this cycling footwear is hardtail because it has been made with hardtail body of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass but at the same time it is sufficiently flexible to be able to allow to walk with them.

  • Types of pedals: These cycling shoes are prepared to be able to incorporate SPD cleats.
  • The instep has been designed in one piece: This makes it a sturdy and lightweight shoe.
  • Optimum rigidity Sole: fiberglass-reinforced sole. Stiffness Level 4.
  • External foam outsole.
  • Weight (manufacturer): 755 g (number 40).

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