Cycling shoes MTB Scott PROWL-R BOA

Cycling shoes MTB Scott PROWL-R BOA

MTB/Enduro Cycling shoes Scott Prowl-R Boa

The new model of MTB footwear Scott Prowl-R has been manufactured with the best materials and the highest quality in order to provide maximum comfort to the rider. These Mountain Bike shoes are compatible with coves and have been specially designed for the most demanding and ambitious rider.

The Scott Prowl-R MTB Cycling Footwear provides the best transmission of the energy produced during pedaling, from the foot to the pedal. The sole has been manufactured in nylon reinforced with fiberglass and PU of components, which means that we will get a stiff shoes (level 7 stiffness). As for the outer outsole, it can be said that it has been made with non-slip and stable materials, thanks in part to the Stikki-Foam and X-Traction profile.

It is time to talk about comfort, so we consider the template Ergologic; This also has notable features such as the great ease of adjustment, removable. These templates are easily adapted to the anatomical shape of the foot so it will provide great comfort during workouts with the bike.

The upper part of these cycling shoes has been elaborated using the applied Ergologic Wrap Fit technology and a leather layer; These details make this shoe model provide the rider with the best comfort during pedaling.

Features of the Scott Prowl-R MTB Cycling shoes

  • Top made with Ergologic Wrap Fit technology.
  • Ergologic template to get the best comfort.
  • Light and breathable surface.
  • BOA-Type adjustment system.
  • Weight: 380 grams.

What do we know about the Scott brand?

Scott is a brand created in 1958 that from the very beginning revolutionized the world of skiing with the elaboration of the first cane made with aluminum. Almost 30 years later, in 1986, Scott inaugurated the most sophisticated ski factory in Italy, becoming a world-leading brand in the production of ski poles. Also in 1986 Scott brought out his first mountain bike.


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