Footwear/Cycling shoes/clipless road cycling boot-winter-summer

Footwear/Cycling shoes/clipless road cycling boot-winter-summer

Want to know what are the best models of road cycling shoes and more purchased online at ?

Road Cycling shoes Northwave Evolution Plus

The new Evolution Plus Road Boots from the Northwave brand are a footwear model specially designed to be used in competition and to provide the cyclist with maximum performance. These cycling shoes have been designed mainly for the most demanding bikers and are looking to find in the cycling shoes concepts such as comfort and durability.

The Carbon Light sole with which this footwear model has been developed to provide a high rigidity and are also very light. The design of these cycling shoes has been made in such a way as to obtain a model that fits perfectly to the cyclist's foot, providing maximum comfort.

  • Weight: 275 grams
  • Sole: Carbon Light.
  • Adjustment System: SLW + Strap

Sidi Shot Road cycling footwear

The road shoes Shot that has released the Sidi brand are a model that stands out for its incredible modern design and the many applied Technologies used for its manufacture.

The Sidi Shot shoes have the TechPro technology, a photosensitive fabric that will absorb the sunlight in order to gradually detach it by decreasing the external luminosity.

  • Sole: Vent Carbon.
  • Adjustment System: Heel Retention Device

Road Boots Giro Empire SLX

The new model of road footwear is the perfect model to go out to train/race with the bike. These road cycling shoes are highly light but at the same time stiff. In addition, the new Empire SLX incorporates a high quality Evofiber SL blade.

Inside the Giro Empire SLX Road Boots has incorporated a supernatural Fit ultra light Kit that will provide the cyclist with the best comfort in their outings with the road bike.

  • Weight: 175 grams (size 42.5)
  • Sole: Easton EC Carbon SLX2.
  • adjustment System: with Laces

Road cycling Shoes Shimano RC700

The Shimano RC 700 Road bike boots are the perfect choice if you are looking for the maximum comfort in your outings with your bike. The carbon sole will provide great hardness to the cycling shoes. In addition, this footwear model has an important ventilation system that will make the rider's feet remain fresh during the training/competition/leisure outings with the bicycle.

The upper part of this model of cycling boots has been elaborated using perforated synthetic leather to provide the best aeration of the feet.

As for the adjustment system that incorporates these cycling shoes, we can say that it is based on straps that will keep them well adjusted at the foot of the rider without exerting pressure points unlike.

  • Weight: 460 grams
  • sole: carbon fiber.
  • Adjustment System: SLW + Strap

Mavic Cosmic Elite Road Boots

The new Cosmic Elite shoes that have released the Mavic brand, are a model specially designed to offer the cyclist the maximum comfort when going out to train/compete with the bike. This new model of road footwear has a ergo Dial QR adjustment system with two ergo strap bands that will provide a good grip on the foot on the bike.

The Ortholite template that incorporates the Cosmic Elite, will contribute to a higher performance of the cyclist.

  • Weight: 270 grams (size 8.5)
  • Sole: Energy Full Carbon.
  • Adjustment System: Ergo Dial QR + bands ergo Strap


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