Flat MTB shoes ONeal Torque, Stinger II and Trigger II-2017

Flat MTB shoes ONeal Torque, Stinger II and Trigger II-2017

MountainBike Footwear flat (no clipless) cleats ONeal Torque, Stinger II and Trigger II


The brand O'Neal is a model that gives the rider the best feeling of comfort, safety and grip when going out to train with the mountain bike. This new model of footwear is ideal to practise the modalities of cycling of MTB freeride, Downhill/DH and BMX.

The new MTB footwear model ONeal Stinger II has been made with the upper part of the shoe 100% of leather and the sole 100% of rubber, which makes it very adherent.

  • colors: Orange, White,

MTB or NEAL TORQUE shoes-2017

The new model of MTB Torque flat shoes of the prestigious brand ONeal is totally compatible with Calas SPD and have been designed to be able to offer the best result when performing demanding routes. These cycling shoes are ideal for downhill mode, but they are also a perfect model to be able to pedal for a long time. The shoe Torque model has a Velcro adjustment system that will contribute to a snug fit of the shoes to the rider's feet.

  • colors: red, green, white

Cycling footwear for Mountain bike O-Neal Trigger II

The new MTB O'Neal Trigger II shoes are a footwear model made by a Rubber sole that will provide the best mix between comfort and foot protection along with the necessary grip to perform the best workouts . In addition, this new model of Zpatillas mountain biking, have a perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity to achieve maximum comfort.

  • colors: Black

What do we know about the O'Neal brand?

O'Neal is a manufacturer of clothing and accessories for cycling of MTB as Enduro or Off Road, as well as for Motocross. The O'Neal brand began in the years 70 and now we can find their collections in the top, as for quality is referred to as well as design. In addition, the O'Neal brand has an excellent quality-price ratio.

The O'Neal brand seeks to provide the rider with the utmost comfort and satisfaction thus ensuring an experience when riding the bike. This will get you using the best materials and the highest quality, as well as making an excellent design of your sport wear-clothing.

O'Neal was introduced to the mountain bike market in the 80 with the two models of bike Azonic. Currently, O Neal also manufactures all accessories, protective equipment and specific mountain bike/MTB clothing. Over the years there has been an evolution in this brand; ONeal has not stopped growing and innovating in order to meet the needs of professional and amateur cyclists in the world of bicycles.

Today O'Neal focuses on the modalities of downhill/DH cycling and being true to its root ideas from the moment it began. In addition, the O'Neal brand has a focus on Enduro mode to continue to surprise its audience.

Rob Adelberg, Tim Ferry and Ricky Dietrich are some of the pilots who use O'Neal brand products

These are the best selling products of O'Neal in the season 2016-2017:

  • Cycling Enduro and All Mountain O'Neal short sleeve jersey STV
  • Fullface helmet for Downhill O'Neal Backflip RL2 Evo Crank
  • Downhill Protection Vest O'Neal Underdog Protector
  • Helmet MTB O'Neal Defender Tribal 2017
  • Downhill Cycling Pant O'Neal Element RaceWear 2017
  • Full-length downhill and freeride O'Neal Warp Fidlock Crank Helmet

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Flat MTB shoes ONeal Torque, Stinger II and Trigger II-2017 / ONeal

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