Cycling footwear NORTHWAVE SPIDER and PLUS-enduro/All Mountain

Cycling footwear NORTHWAVE SPIDER  and  PLUS-enduro/All Mountain

Mountain bike Shoes Northwave spider /spider Plus

Mountain Bike Footwear Northwave Spider

The new Northwave Spider shoes are a model specially designed to guarantee the best pedaling strength during the outings made with the Enduro and All Mountainbike. This model of cycling footwear has been designed and manufactured with highly resistant materials that provide the best comfort during MTB training/competitions.

The sole incorporating the mountain biking cycling shoes is an X -shaped Michelin x-Crossbow designed to provide the flexibility and cushioning required when going out on the bike. In addition, the Northwave Spider shoes have a good grip Regardless of the type of terrain the rider passes through.

The PU of the new Spider combines polyurethane material with grid reinforcements to achieve great comfort when going out to perform training with the bicycle.

Features shoes Northwave Spider

  • Guarantees the best pedaling strength.
  • Good flexibility and shock-absorbing capability.
  • Michelin Sole X-Crossbow.
  • Highly resistant footwear model.
  • PU instep
  • Suitable for use with cleats.
  • Weight: 408 grams.

Northwave Spider Plus MTB/MTB Cycling shoes

The new Spider Plus high-end footwear model that has been released by the Northwave brand has been designed with a foam-reinforced vibram sole. This model of cycling shoes will be easy to clean as it has an easy mud-sheddingsystem.

The Northwave Spider Plus shoes feature a SLW2 (Speed Lace Winch) with which you can adjust them to the foot in an easy and comfortable way.

Characteristics Cycling Footwear Northwave Spider Plus

  • Good ventilation system.
  • It can be used with cleats.
  • SLW2 micrometric closure.
  • Multi-layer Construction
  • Weight: 414 grams

What do we know about the Northwave brand?

The Northwave brand was founded in the year 1993 in Montebelluna, Italy at the hands of Gianni Piva. His driver had extensive experience in research and development, which allowed him to bring to the market the first MTB shoes of the brand Northwave. Due to the great knowledge that this brand has in the world of MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/MTB, it has been able to manufacture its products to offer a good performance, using innovative technologies and creative designs.

This Italian company is characterized as a manufacturer of high quality footwear and clothing for cycling and snowboarding. Preceded by the coming Soon campaign, Northwave represents the end of a time when the cycling shoes were black.

In 2002, Northwave reaches its full maturity with a broad line of clothing, both in mountain and road modalities.

Nowadays, the Northwave brand stands out for its line of clothing and cycling equipment, where we mainly distinguish the shoes and costumes for this sport. The manufacture of the products is developed thanks to the combination of new technologies, high quality materials and a suitable design. The Northwave cycling shoes uses the Aerlite technology, which is designed to create a charcoal sole and a specific ventilation system, to keep the feet fresh for cyclists during the bicycle outing. This prestigious brand has high quality products and a great Relation quality-price.

Northwave has a wide range of products among which we can see in CoreBicycle:

  • Road Cycling Cycling shoes s, MTB, Triathlon, all mountain, etc,
  • Clothing: Jersey, Jackets, gloves,
  • protection s for the eyes and helmets.

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Cycling footwear NORTHWAVE SPIDER and PLUS-enduro/All Mountain / Northwave

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